Luciferian-Illuminati System Advances – Laura shares on TV.

If we really seek the truth surely we need to go where the evidence leads us, even if it feels uncomfortable at first?


2015 was declared ‘The International Year of Light’, by The UN, NASA, UNESCO, CERN and others. Interestingly, many Mediums, Light Workers, Neo-New Agers, Luciferians, Occultists, etc, also claimed 2015 was ‘The Year of Lucifer’s Light.’

When I was a Spiritualist, I was taught the Luciferian New Age and Freemasonry plans to recruit many globally. It’s the exact same agenda that the Illuminati call The Plan. In those days, I fully agreed with The Plan. Now, I’m aware of the truth behind it all! As  supernatural whistleblowers, myself and others who left the above organisations reveal inside secrets from top spiritual leaders.

Luciferian David Spangler

The UN’s David Spangler – top New Age Medium.

Since I left New Age Spiritualism, in 1996, I’ve received prophecies from Christians, usually who didn’t even know me, predicting I would have the type of ministry I am now in, exposing darkness with Christ’s truth and light. A coincidence? Not really, as there aren’t many sharing the information my friends and I share on my blog and YouTube channel!


Lucifer – the magazine by the Lucis Trust, who are linked to The United Nations.

This is not to frighten you or be sensationalistic. The bible tells us to expect such things and to be ready for Christ’s return.

New Agers and countless other esoteric, paranormal, ghost hunting and occult groups felt the 2012 ‘shift’ was towards ‘light’, but myself and countless others who left Luciferic groups, knew it was the spirit of Lucifer AKA Satan rising.

Since 2012, we have witnessed more Luciferic and Satanic groups take a prominent stand in society. The Illuminati, once shrouded in secrecy, now advertise on American TV. Their website once accessed only by password, is now open to the public! (I had the password years ago, given to me by a friend whose sister is a Satanist in the Illuminati).

Please see radio interviews of myself and Carolyn Hamlett, Ex Illuminati member. Plus, my interviews with Ex Freemasons, Mediums, Luciferians, etc.

Please watch the below TV interview I did, months before the ‘2012 Shift’. I knew of the shift, thus was deliberately trying to prepare people. New Agers felt the ‘shift’ was towards ‘light’, but myself and many others knew it was actually the FALSE light of Lucifer – spirit of antichrist rising.

Above image – famous quote from Top New Ager & Luciferian Medium, David Spangler; who worked for the UN. Read his online articles or books if you don’t believe me!

Benjamine Creme, Barbara Marx Hubbard and other famous Luciferian Mediums have shared similar quotes.

They teach in their books, etc, that in The Last Days, those who refuse to accept Lucifer and the New Age global ‘religion’ will be killed – by various methods, including famines, earthquakes, being removed by Spirit Guides, Light Beings, Alien Abduction, etc!

They say Christians won’t be raptured by Jesus, but rather ‘removed’ so that Lucifer can reign. (Through personal experience, many Christians know aliens, guides, light beings, etc, are demons).

You may suspect this is a conspiracy theory, so please use your critical thinking skills. Research online for hard evidence for my claims!

What was the significance of the 2012 and future ‘shifts’? Recruiting many to mindsets that favour New World Order philosophies globally!

In this TV interview, I was delighted to talk with Michael Cummins and the late Doug Harris on this topic. I feel it’s the most significant interview I’ve ever spoken on. (Plz see other interviews we did together on this blog).

With Doug & Michael after the show

With Doug & Michael after the show

In the show, we mention some key facts that most folks aren’t aware of.

Top famous Mediums/Ghost Hunters admit they believe that Lucifer is the god of the New Age Movement, Spiritualism and ALL spiritualities, supernatural powers, psychic experiences and religions! That we are all ‘one’ under Lucifer!

Think of the implications that all psychic and supernatural powers come from him! Remember, myself and countless others once agreed with this until our own awakening.   From the 12th-21st December 2012 through 2013, masses deliberately meditated globally, in an attempt to either usher in Luciferianism or cause a ‘spiritual global collective shift’.

They believed a positive shift would occur. But many were disappointed it didn’t seem to occur. That their promised ‘light’ did not manifest. However, I’d argue a shift did indeed occur … namely a rise in spiritual darkness. The opposite of what they hoped for.

Many who realised their ‘spirit guides, light beings, alien friends, etc,’ had lied to them about this and other issues, actually came to Jesus, having discovered their spirit guides, etc, were demons! (Some of these folks have shared their True Stories on my blog or were guests on  my radio show).

But those who still believe in New Age, esoteric or other spiritual belief systems remain vigilant at urging others to accept such New Age, esoteric, paranormal or Occult teachings. For many, most of their motives are well intentioned. Most of them are deceived, truly believing this is good. But many of them know the truth and willingly serve Lucifer as Satan.

The aim is to increase ‘Lucifer’s light’. Many don’t know it’s actually false/demonic ‘light.’ Not all of them are aware this leads to further unfolding of the New World Order, and uniting of all faiths, including Christianity to the One World Religion … led under the anti-christ. Even those who are aware of this, and aim to avoid it, sadly, are also being deceived by Stan, to follow paths/light beings/Goddesses,  etc … who are ultimately part of Satan’s deceptive hordes anyway.

You seek truth? Please don't discount this post. Please remain open!

You seek truth? Please don’t discount this post. Please remain open!

Only Christians who really know their bibles, will not be deceived by this. The bible does say that many believers will even be deceived in the last days.

Famous Christians will also preach this is the way to go, to unite together. Millions will follow, not realising those leaders have fallen away from the true faith, to follow doctrines of demons, and receiving Lucifer as god.

In this TV show, we discussed Luciferianism within Spiritualism, the New Age and other movements.

We emphasized Famous Mediums and self confessed Luciferians, felt Lucifer is god – Madam Blavatsky, AKA ‘Mother of The New Age Movement’, and famous Medium Alice Bailey, who founded Theosophy in 1830’s. They still influence the New Age, Spiritualism, FreeMasonry, Illuminati, etc, today. It aims to aid Lucifer in bringing his ‘light and peace’ via NWO, One World Religion and Govt, etc.

When I was a New Age Spiritualist, I believed their teachings. We were taught that in the future, there will be a ‘global cleansing’, such that anyone who does not accept New Age, and does not take the ‘Luciferian Initiation’ or say the ‘Luciferian Invocation’, will have a choice. Literally, do it or die! (Barbara Marx Hubbard has literally wrote that in books!)

Is this linked to the Mark of The Beast?  Will the global cashless society require us all to receive a 666 microchip, so that we can buy food, and be traceable in the name of national security and protection from terrorism? Perhaps, I don’t know. I imagine most will receive such a microchip. Take it or starve? The Luciferian Initiation, accept it or die, they said!

Truth 4

When I was a New Ager, they taught that a minority, from fundamentalist religions Christians, Jews, Muslims, also athiests and some other spiritual groups, will refuse to accept Lucifer and thus be killed. They feel our death is necessary. They feel by refusing Lucifer, we produce ‘negative vibrations’, thus delaying his return, by not submitting to him!

They taught that the stubborn will be killed by various methods, some natural disasters or illness, others will be removed by aliens, Spirit Guides, etc!

They claim those left on earth, who have joined the New Age One World Religion or accepted Lucifer as god, will be saved by the aliens, space brothers, Spirit Guides, etc.

They say after Christians have vanished or died, some will claim that Jesus came for Christians in the Rapture. But Luciferians and others will argue Jesus did not return; it was aliens, etc, who ‘removed’ or killed us.

I believe many of us will indeed be killed by demonic beings, so called aliens,etc. The Bible does say in the Last Days, demons will be released from the Abyss. See verses in the book of Revelation – swarms of locusts (metaphor for demonic hordes). It does teach their will be martyrdom of Christians, beheadings, etc, for those who will not bow to Satan).

conspiracy 2

Myself and many others were taught the above Luciferian beliefs, that have circulated more widely since the 1800’s.

Please see my blog for testimonies of others like myself, who were taught this, but have since left the New Age,etc, to follow Jesus. (Type New Age, Occult, Lucifer, Satan or Luciferian in the search box!)

You can still see on some New Age websites today, many Mediums continue to teach this, eg, Barbara Marx Hubbard and others, are very outspoken on it.

If you find this hard to believe, please do research it online.

For example, The Lucis Trust, formerly known as The Lucifer Trust, is based on Theosophy (which is Luciferian), and it’s the publishing arm of The United Nations. Remember the UN aims to be a peace keeping agency for the nations!

I knew of this when I was a New Ager. To his followers, Lucifer does promise world peace, but is a liar. No surprise then, that he is an influence in the UN. Few Christians would believe me years ago, but it’s all online now for you to check and test with scripture!

Luciferian Free Masonry

‘Theosophy’ – the name given to a global group of Theosophists. They accept the esoteric New Age teachings that Lucifer is still an angel of light, a solar angel, or the saviour, and wants to bring us peace and that Jesus is not the Saviour. It aims to unite all faiths, religions and spiritualities together and to receive global peace through their coming messiah type figure. Christians are aware this is predicted in the Bible and recognise it to be the false messiah – the anti-christ.

Theosophy’s main teachers were Luciferian Mediums, who received their teachings during seances, from demonic Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, aliens, etc, who lied to them – Madam Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and her husband Foster, a 33rd degree FreeMason and many others. Current day equivalent leaders : Benjamin Creme, David Spangler, Barbara Marx Hubbard and others.

Again, please see the many articles in this blog and elsewhere online – true stories by Ex Mediums, etc, giving proof from their own horrific experience that such ‘entities’ are liars. They are actually demons, just as the Bible describes. With shapeshifting abilities, they can masquerade as if they are dead relatives, ascended spirit beings, intergalactic gods, etc, to deceive the masses.

Deceit versus Truth

Deceit versus Truth

So many Mediums, Channellers and others have confronted such entities, ‘Spirit Guides’ ‘dead family’, etc, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to reveal their true identity.

Their mask has faded away, and their true demonic nature was revealed, screaming at the mention of Jesus’ mighty name.

Light Workers, Mediums, witches, shamans, druids, etc, who watched me on TV, took my advice to try this test. Later contacting me to say it was true, their ‘spirit friends’ screamed when challenged with the name of Christ.

Thus, they came to Christ and rejected those demonic ‘Spirit Guides.’ Please see this LINK about how to Test The Spirits.

Even many Christians still can’t see this Luciferian Agenda in global politics today!

“When you understand the history of secret societies in the lense of the bible, you understand the history of the world.” Conspiracy Bereans Radio.

Yet it’s predicted in the bible. Would the Antichrist just appear out of nowhere? Many leaders have been awaiting him for decades, either as The Matreya, The Teacher, or the antichrist … whether they believe in Lucifer, or actually know Lucifer did indeed become Satan.

Return of Jesus

They’ve been setting the world stage up, getting everything in place. The Lucis Trust is indeed linked to the UN. Guys, join the dots, they do add up.

It’s not only NASA, UNESCO, CERN and The UN who declared 2015 was – ‘The International Year of Light’, many Mediums, LightWorkers, New Agers, etc, claimed 2015 was the year of Lucifer’s Light too.

But the Good News is Jesus knew all about this. It may surprise many, but it’s no surprise to Him.

Keep our eyes on Jesus, especially during these end times.

Keep our eyes on Jesus, especially during these end times.

Many souls will be saved in these last days; as MULTIPLE millions awaken to the ultimate truth. Come Lord Jesus, come!

These are clearly the last days. Christ is our ultimate protection from deception and destruction. We need to get closer to Jesus than ever before. Unlike the NWO Lucifer Initiation, Jesus doesn’t force anyone to accept Him. He won’t violate our free will. He lovingly invites people to choose Him.

Jesus is Light of world

Remember the genius Blaise Pascal, influenced by the greatest of thinkers? Pascal, outstanding mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher and writer…

Remember Pascal’s Wager? See below image.

Blaise Pascal Wager

I’d take that wager a step further. What are the two outcomes if :

    1. Christians are wrong about Lucifer, reject him and die? According to top Luciferians, New Agers, etc, we’ll just be reincarnated and get another chance to receive Lucifer.
    1. Christians are correct about Lucifer – he is the evil deceptive Satan? When the Luciferian Plan unfolds, (identical plan of the New Age and Illuminati), and the Luciferian Invitation is given to all, (via global politics and the economy), do you really want to receive Lucifer … only to discover upon your death, he truly is Satan?
The-Usual-Suspects quote devil satan

From the film The Usual Suspects.


Please, do get prepared and don’t fall into deception. Many await Lucifer, alien gods, or other saviour type figures to appear and save the day. Yes, the antichrist will appear.

Friends, it’s actually black or white. In this crucial and eternal situation there are no shades of grey.

Please, be on Christ’s side and not Satan’s when Jesus returns and the end comes …



About Laura Maxwell

Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see
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2 Responses to Luciferian-Illuminati System Advances – Laura shares on TV.

  1. leon says:

    Laura, I’m glad I came across this post. It seemed to me that no one else would say what is actually happening at this moment. I try to say things along the lines of what you mentioned here but it seems like people have become like feral dogs aimlessly wandering about sniffing out their next dollar.
    So from an ex theistic satanist point of view I’ll tell you that this earth is an important prize, as well as using it to establish a ‘hell’ in order to pre-empt prophecy such as Judgment Day.

    From a kabbalistic point of view…..
    This earth in this world (Assiah) is composed of 2 parts.
    1. Tebhel (immanent earth) – purely physical
    2. Cheled (transcendental earth) – the spiritual aspect via humans and demons and possibly other forms of life.

    On the Tree of Life this earth is called Malkuth, on the Tree of Death (demonic) it is called Lilith. If this earth is won 100% as Lilith then the demonic Tree of Death can function in its own right, certainly in regards to us. The world of Assiah (the world of action or the plane of physical existance) will be lost and if you’re unfortunate or stupid enough to be caught in it then it will be eternal hell because when you physically die you will be stuck here or else end up somewhere on the Tree of Death (or possibly be reborn and re tortured continually).

    Myself….. I would be looking at ‘transhuman evolution’ to kick in. Maybe something like satanic sigils engraved into sim cards or microchips that you will be compelled to have injected, much in the way that cats and dogs are microchipped so if they get lost the owner is identified.
    Question is…… who will be owning you?

    I’m actually doing a movie CD on this, but I say to everyone remember a very important fact…..that being that Satan Inc. is not a one trick pony show. They’ve had probably millions of years to get their act right.


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