Vagabond Christian Podcasts – Kristine & Thom McGuire.

Thom & Kristine McGuire

Thom & Kristine McGuire

Vagabond Christian, the new ministry & website by my lovely American friends Thom and Kristine McGuire.

It will include podcasts of radio interviews.

I really look forward to being a guest on one of their future podcasts. What an honor!

Kristine, a published author, wrote :

‘In our first (ever) Vagabond Christian podcast, Thom and I introduced ourselves and the reason we feel it is important to find a new way to interact as Christians in a post-Christian America. Thom and I talked about the tragedies which have occurred in Nepal, Chile, and Baltimore (after which we experienced a rather hair-raising experience which was recorded […].

Podcast : Episode One.

Please see their new website. It will cover the following topics and more :

Vagabond Christian 1

Spiritual Warfare

After spending years as a medium, witch & ghost hunter, Kristine McGuire emerged from behind enemy lines to reclaim her identity in Christ. She brings unique insight, revealing Satan’s 7 favorite battlefields as well as the most effective tactics he employs in the battles we face everyday.

(Kristine’s testimony – To hear Laura interview Kristine, please see this RADIO archive link).

Christians and the Occult

If you go into a bookstore, pay attention to what’s popular on television, or go to the movies it is easy to see how occultism has permeated popular American culture. Christians need to be aware of what the Bible has to say about occult activities and how we can respond to our family, neighbors, children, or friends who express an interest in these things.

Vagabond Christian

What does it mean to be a Christian in the 21st Century? American Christians struggle to understand their identity in a society that is increasingly hostile to the church. While many profess to admire Jesus or call themselves “Followers of Christ”, more and more people are reticent to identify themselves as “Christian”.

Buildings. Programs. “Superstar” pastors, musicians, and personalities. Has the American Church settled down into this world so much we have forgotten what it means that we are “strangers and aliens in a strange land.” (1 Peter 2:11-12). Have we forgotten that earth is not our true home?

Christians are looking for a genuine representation of faith. The world is longing for connection with God, seeking to find meaning through social justice and vague spirituality. How does a Christian (alien, stranger, vagabond) practice faith in Truth without losing a vital part of the Gospel along the way?

Vagabond Christian: Being a Christian in a Post Christian World

Arrogant. Judgmental. Homophobic. These are the top three words popping into people’s minds when thinking about Christianity or the Church in America. Persecution is on the rise for Christians around the world. Prosperity and Hyper-grace “gospels” have succeeded in sidelining many of the faithful. How do we find our way, move out of our insular communities to make an impact once more?

Vagabond Christian: Being Authentic



Kristine and Thom became very good at wearing the religious masks that was expected in the 20th century. It hid their true self from everyone in their church. When they came back to Christ, they put the masks a side for a real relationship with Christ.

Were Kristine and Thom’s masks indicative of the one worn by the 21st century American church? How do we overcome this trend with authentic faith?

Vagabond Christian: Avoiding the Counterfeit

Since the 1980’s there has been a movement within various denominations of the church to re-define our understanding of God by understanding the Feminine Divine. How has this move toward goddess worship effected women in the church?

Vagabond Christian: Rediscovering Spiritual Disciplines

To grow as a Christian, we need spiritual disciplines. What kind of discipline does God expect of a Christian? Do the spiritual disciplines signal a move into legalism? How can we avoid becoming trapped by man-made rules while remaining obedient to God by seeking Him first?



Vagabond Christian: Unitas Ekklesia

Do we have unity in the American church? Not really, but there can be. I saw the possibilities while on a mission trip in Costa Rica. What is it that the church in other countries understands that we the American church have forgotten?

Vagabond Christian: Enter the Fray

Post-Christian America desires for Christians to remain secreted behind the walls of their buildings, campuses, and edifices. The call of God is for the Church to go into all the world. Our job is not finished. How can we leave our insular communities and engage with those who’d prefer our silence?

Thom & Kristine McGuire

Thom & Kristine McGuire

Marriage Restoration

Marriage as created by God between one man, and one woman and is the backbone of our society and vital for the emotional and spiritual health of our children. Certainly there can be problems in any marriage, substantial ones, and those problems should and must be addressed.

And of course, where violence occurs there must be a way of escape before any possibility of counseling or healing, or restoration can be entertained.

The church must take up the herald and be an example to society of how marriage, through God’s grace and mercy, can survive. In a world where men and women are inundated with images of sexual immorality disguised as love, the sanctity of marriage must be fought for and preserved.


The world of the homeless seems very far from yours — but in some ways it is quite near. For any of us, the loss of a job, the death of a spouse or a child or a severe physical disability could be the route to total despair. These are the very tragedies that have happened to many homeless people. Struck by personal tragedies, the people in shelters across America, have lost their homes and been deserted by the families and friends they once had. What can you do to help them? Sometimes the smallest can go a long way.

Human Trafficking

Although the issue of human trafficking is the 2nd leading crime in the world, most people are completely unaware that it happens in epidemic proportions right here in the United States. Human Trafficking is a Women’s Rights, Human Dignity and Social Justice issue. Unfortunately it has been mislabeled: (Teen) Prostitution. It is essential that we change the mindset, reeducate and discuss how the Sexualization of our society has helped fuel this fire. Christ calls the church to step up and eradicate this crime through education, awareness and action. Learn steps for stopping this and helping to make a change.

Prayer as a Lifestyle

“Lord, teach us to pray.” That is the only thing the disciples are recorded to have asked Jesus to teach them. There is no record of “teach us to lead, ” “teach us to heal, ” “teach us to counsel. ”There is not even a record of “Lord, teach us to preach.” Just “Lord, teach us to pray.” Why? Because the disciples could see that Jesus’ leading, healing, counseling, and preaching ministry emerged out of his relationship with the Father,and they could see that the key to this relationship was prayer.“Lord, teach us to pray” meant more than, “Lord, teach us some new techniques.” It meant, “Lord, teach us what you know about the Father that makes you want to pray.” That’s the key.

Vagabond Christian 2

Vagabond Christian

Kristine and Thom are available for speaking engagements. Some of the topics covered include the above.  To schedule Thom and Kristine McGuire :

Email :

Facebook : Vagabond Christian

Phone USA : 616-318-9203



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