Repeat showing of ‘X Satanist on Revelation TV,Halloween!’

Jeff Harshbarger, Author + Speaker.

Jeff Harshbarger, Author + Speaker.

Jeff Harshbarger, Author + Speaker.


Jeff Harshbarger, Author + Speaker.

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2 Responses to Jeff Harshbarger, Author + Speaker.

  1. Dear Jeff, Laura Maxwell has been so kind to recommend you to appear on my internet radio show, JUDGE EVE, where Jesus is Lord. I will listen to your show with Doug Harris, but would also like to be a guest on my show, on which you can appear by telephone, from anywhere in the world. This sat. 11-3-12– at 2p.m est , 7 pm London time, on : 1- my guest is PAMELA RAE SCHUFFERT, a dedicated christian, journalist and researcher– about the NEW WORLD ORDER’S PLANS FOR THE USA ( and really for the rest of the world, as well. Call ins are welcome at: 1-888-627-6008 or by emailing me at:– I would love, Jeff , to have you on the show, either on January 12, 2014, or anytime, afterwards beginning with February 2013. Thank you, and with Jesus’ great love, judge eve ellingwood ( aka cohen sternlight) ret– and please also see my website: about my parents’ murders in Beverly Hills and the theft of their millions, as I had “DARED” talk about my belief in Jesus on christian TV; and which is taking place on a huge scale, not only in the USA but all over the world.


    • Hi Eve, just to let you know, that your message has come to me, this isnt Jeff’s website, so he won’t see it. You’ll have to contact him directly via Facebook, as he is your Facebook friend, or by email to his email, not to my website. I’ve noticed you’ve tried to email him or Michael or others before, by sending them to my Facebook, but they can’t read them! Michael isn’t on Facebook. Thanks. Shalom, Laura Maxwell.


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