EX Spiritualist, L. Davies Testimony.

Ex Spiritualist L. Davies, found Jesus, after seeing Laura share her similar experiences on Revelation TV.

I was brought up in a small town called Barry in South Wales UK, by my Mum & Dad until the age of 7 when my Mum decided to leave myself & 5 siblings with my Dad. My Dad remarried & so more siblings were added. There were 12 of us in all.

From the age of 10 to 22, I endured physical, sexual and mental abuse from my Dad,my uncle,my brothers,my sister and my husband. I started self harmin at the age of 10, just now & again until it became every day. My Dad spent a few years in jail for his crime. I hated my Mum for leaving, because I thought she was the reason why my Dad was abusing us. I wanted so much to kill my Mum, I used to think of how I could kill her.

When I was 14, I met my Mum and we talked about why she left. She left for things that my Dad done to her that are too sick to even repeat in here. My Dad had many affairs and fathered 4 more children, one of whom i have met, the others i havent met.

I had taken my first of many overdoses at the age of 11, I fell in love at the age of 15 to a man who was ten years older than myself. I had two abortions and two miscarriages. I thought for many years that God had punished me for taking the lives of two babies.

Everything was wonderfull for the first year until my husbands drinking got worse and worse. He had a problem but would never admit it. I would be so scared a lot of the time, because when ever he drank he would get nasty and abuse me physically, even to the point of trying to kill me on a few occasions. ‘Why stay with him?’ I would ask myself. Well I kept thinking one day it will stop and eventually it did.

When my third child was born my husband was in work and his best freind had become a Christian, we were invited to a Pentecostal church up the valleys one Sunday and my first reaction when i got there was, can’t we just go in the pub next door? Thats ironic thinking considering my husband’s addiction but it was that or church. He chose church I chose pub, but he won, so we went into the church.

He got saved and when we walked to the train station he started singing ‘Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.’ My reaction to this was, I can see you becomeing one of those nutters. He stopped drinking and the abuse stopped. Praise God.

At the age of 25, I had my first encounter with a demon poseing at the time, as my ‘dead nephew’. This was the start of my interest in the occult. How did I know it was a demon, not my ‘dead nephew’ after you’re probably asking. Well because I was dared to ask it to reveal its self in Jesus name, and see what happens.

I would do an Oujia Board. I would speak to my so called nephew every night, one time he asked me to invite other dead spirits and so I invited them. I started attending the local Spiritualist Church, started meditating, done Astral Travel, automatic writing. I found myself talking funny languages,and was told by a Medium that I had the gift and power to heal people and contact the dead and I should persue it.

She asked me to be a speaker at the Spiritualist Church but I told her that I wasn’t much of a speaker. I wanted to only give messages to people in the streets. That Medium became my mentor and I would go to her for advice, help, healing and prayer. At one point in my walk I felt ill, had no energy, felt like I was walking on a different planet.

I asked my mentor what was happening to me. She said, ‘It’s because your spiritual antennae is wide open and the spirits of loved ones are trying to come through to you. I made my own tarot cards, by the power that was in me. All this was done in secret, my husband never knew and still doesn’t to this day how involved i was.

My self harming went from cutting, then burning, to starving myself. I stopped eating for two years. I was so thin I could feel my spine when ever I sat down. My body ached all the time.

I had a vision which I now know was from God, it was of a young girl sitting on massive court room steps, with her head in her hands crying , a woman walked passed her and said, ‘Whats wrong little one?’ She said, ‘My Mummy has died.’ That shook me big time because I could see it was my daughter. I thank the Lord for that vision.

I had attended a Baptist Church a few times, with my husband at the time, but always kept my distance from the Christians, would never allow them to lay hands on me or pray for me. My husband then got baptised and I was nagged to get baptised also, but I said it wasnt right to, that I wasnt a christian, but they kept saying it’s not fair that your husband is baptised and you arent, so a few weeks later I got baptised. The next day I wanted to kill someone.

Someone who I had met a few times and is now my best freind was walkin towards me that day, and she said I have something to share with you. I said, ‘Yeah, ok, what is it?’ She said, ‘The Lord has shown me a picture, it’s of a valley and you are in the centre. On both sides of you, is an army both fighting, their arrows going over your head, not touching you. In the distance is a light and that light is Jesus. He wants you to go to Him and keep walking towards the light.’ I said to her, ‘Whatever!’ Bless her, she even drew it for me.

Interesting thing was one of the woman who nagged me, I later found out that she was a lesbian and committed suicide a few years later.

The voices I was hearing were stronger and more destructable, they wanted me to hurt people. When ever I was out, it got so bad I had to sit on my hands to stop myself. On a few occations they would give me orders to kill someone, it seemed I was out of control. I was arrested while on my way to kill someone.

I was able to put a face to the voices I heard, they were of young people, old people, children, every time I mentioned my nephew to my Christian freind she would say, ‘It’s not your nephew, those are not dead relatives, they are all demons.’ I said, ‘Dont you dare call my nephew a demon and how do you know they arent loved ones passed over?’ She said, ‘I dare you the next time you see your so called ‘nephew’ to tell him to reveal himself in Jesus Name!’

So one night I did. He changed from a young child to this hideous thing! My face would change when ever the spirits inside me took over. I had been seeing a shrink because of me hearing voices and seeing things and they put me on many medications but none seemed to work.

I used the tablets to overdose on many occations and spent a lot of time in a mental hospital always on suicide watch. The professionals had a meeting about the medication not working so they decided to try ECT electric shock treatment, twice a week for 6 weeks.

I have to admit a few times I was convinced to say a prayer to Jesus, I would say a prayer with someone then when i got home I would self harm and continue with Spiritualism.  I realise now that the Jesus I was talking to was the Spiritualist false Jesus and that’s why my life and heart never changed.

I left my husband after 28 yrs of marriage because he had fallen in love with someone else. I know what you’re thinking, ‘But he is a Christian, how can he do that?’ Well, the enemy couldnt cause him to fall through drink, he wasnt a womaniser and the only way to bring him down and break up a home was

He went to Poland every year to go into the schools and prisons to preach the Gospel, but the enemy found a weakness in him and he was deceived. Because of my mental state I had to sadly leave my 5 children and home behind for my childrens safety. I wasn’t safe to be left alone with my children. I had lost everything and had become homeless. I became more bitter, angry and hated my life.

I had realised that my life was being destroyed. There was a price I was paying for walking in darkness. I was eventually given a place to live which was lovely but because of what I was involved in, I had invited many spirits into my home. I was never one to be scared of anything that was of the unusual but this scared me and so I slept with the lights on.

I had a vision of me standing in thick black treacle and couldnt move my legs, within two days it had risen to just below my knee, I told a Christian freind about this and she said, ‘What happens when it gets to your throat? You wont be able to breath.’ It worried me for a bit then I shrugged it off and forgot about it.

On 13th march 2012, a freind of mine sent me on Facebook a You Tube video of an Ex Spiritualist- Laura Maxwell, but I couldnt bear to look at this woman’s face, let alone hear what she had to say! (NOTE from Laura – she told me the spirits screamed at her not to watch me, or hear my story. They didn’t want her to hear the truth, that they were demons and not dead family!)

On 27th March 2012, I was looking for a video on a well know Spiritualist Medium and came across a video of John Cramphorn on Revelation TV, who is an Ex Spiritualist Medium and friend of Laura’s! I thought, ok, lets just see what this man had to say.

I watched it and discovered that we had a few things in common. I emailed him and I was surprised to have an email back off him. He had suggested to his freind that she send me her testimony on Revelation TV, I couldn’t believe it when I saw who his freind was, yes, it was Laura Maxwell !

So I thought, ok why not, let’s have a look to see what she has to say as well. I couldn’t believe it. It was like she was saying a lot of my life! She would know what I’m going through, but I couldn’t give my life to God.  I felt that I owed the spirits so much, I went to bed wishing I was in John & Laura’s shoes, but thought everything was hopeless.

I woke up on the 29th March 2012, and I thought I would play some Christian music that a freind had given to me, this made me so ill, so i went to bed, had a bad dream and woke up. I started playing Christian music and again felt ill, so I said to myself, ‘Enough is enough, if I carry on like this I will be dead in a week!’

So I turned everything off and sat in silence, then I called out to God and asked Him to forgive me and accept me as I am. I cried for two hours. He heard my cry. I said to God , I need to know you have accepted me. I had been accepted, I said ‘OK God, I know I’m saved and Yours but what about my way of thinking; my believeing that the spirits I see aren’t dead relatives? He gently said to me, ‘It’s not about you, it’s about Me.’

This of course angered the spirits even more, and the ones who i thought were ‘dead loved ones’ turned on me, they started banging things around my flat, i would put things down and when i turned around it would be missing, they would wake me up by screaming in my ears, pull my pictures off the wall and attacked me while i slept.

This angered the spirits, the nightmares got worse, they became a nightmare to live with. I attended a church with my freind and everytime I would feel so uneasy, I would end up in the toilets self harming for an hour, the last time I went to her church I spent the whole time in the toilets self harming.

(Note from Laura – the above happened, because she had not yet had Deliverance Ministry (Exorcism). Demons will try to prevent you from casting them out, by making you feel ill in a Christian church, or confusing you and trying to make you turn away from Christ. It is spiritual warfare after all and a battle at first. These spirits have been used to following you, and don’t want to lose their grip of you. But persevere with Jesus, and you’ll be set free, amen!).

I then got rid of all my occult stuff, turned my back on all my involvement in the occult and darkness and now walking in the light of Jesus!

10th of April 2012, I went for Deliverance Ministry, (Exorcism). This was very hard but it was worth it, I was supposed to go for Deliverance the week after, but things got so bad that the ministry team felt it should be brought forward, so on 13th of April 2012 I went for Deliverance. It took a good few hours, but praise God it was so worth it, I am now free! I no longer hear the voices! I feel like I have lost 20 stones, my freinds have said that my face looks so much brighter and even my voice has changed! I feel so much peace. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for the freedom He has given me!

After Deliverance, for the first time in 15 years there was silence in my head, it was a weird thing, being able to wake up not hearing condemning, commanding and aggressive voices is bliss, I also have full control over my body. I cant express enough how important it is to have Deliverence as soon as possible after salvation, because the spirits will try anything to destroy you; they told me just after I gave my life to the Lord that it was ok to kill myself, because I would go to heaven!

Even though you give your life to the Lord, it doesnt mean the spirits will just leave! Believe it or not they have every right to be there until you renounce them, which should never be done alone, but with the help of Christians who are trained to take you through those steps.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and my prayer is that if you are reading this and you are involved in Spiritism, then please get out of it. Jesus Christ of Nazereth is calling out to you, it’s not by chance that you are reading this, its by God’s divine appointment.

If you are also reading this and you are going through anything that I have mentioned in my testimony, then know this –  that if God can help me and get me out of it, then He will and can do the same for you ! Its will-power, your will and His power! Jesus died that we might be saved, set free and be forgiven. Amen. ”

L. Davies, Wales, April 2012.



About Laura Maxwell

Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see http://OurSpiritualQuest.com
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2 Responses to EX Spiritualist, L. Davies Testimony.

  1. Dear Black Incense, yes I did do my research before I shared this woman’s testimony. In fact, I already knew two of her friends, who live in the same area as her. One of them was her close friend for years. They are both Christian woman and she and them, still keep in touch to tell me how she is doing. Also, a man from her church, keeps in touch with me too. He contacted me only 2 or 3 weeks ago. They assure me that she is doing well and blossoming in the Lord. I do try to check out testimonies before I share them, but obviously I can’t verify things 100% with every testimony, that’s not possible. My heart is to help others, so I share articles where possible. All of us have the choice to share our testimonies to help others, or not. It’s not my responsibilty to say one person should, and another person shouldn’t. If you don’t feel led to, I do appreciate that. I realise that not everyone is called to share their past. If some people wrongly choose to get fascinated by darker details, again, it’s their personal negative attitude & problem, not mine. I share to give others hope and to glorify Jesus. Many thanks for your concern for this woman. Many have been encouraged by this woman’s testimony as I have had many messages to tell me that. Thanks for reading and commenting on the post. Laura.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. blackincense says:

    Has anyone done any research on this person? HaS anyone bothered to check out her story?
    The woman mentions that she was arrested on her way to “kill someone”. Has anyone checked the public records in her area? Has anyone even bothered to “test the spirits” in this case, and see if “they be from God?” Additionally, has anyone bothered to suggest to this person, that she might therapy and medical attention for her problems?

    I am not calling her a “liar” and I am not suggesting that people with such backgrounds have not experienced what they say they have experienced. What I am suggesting is that Protestant Christians begin testing the spirits of people who write on the internet, these types of stories. I am suggesting that perhaps the world might take Christians a little more seriously, if Christians took themselves a little more seriously and actually “vetted” the “testimonies” they publish on the internet.

    I am not afraid to say I am also, an “ex-occultist”. I rarely, if EVER, discuss my actual experiences, since it is my experience that all people really are interested in is the lurid and unsavory details, which frankly, are none of their business. I am now an Orthodox Christian of many years, and I STILL have difficulty discussing any part of my occult past, except in very clinical terms.
    In short, I hope that she has found medical and psychological treatment for her emotional problems (she mentioned cutting, etc, and of course, all these CAN be symptoms of occult involvement, but plenty of people cut without any occult influence whatsoever.)

    My main issue here, is that Christians, of any “flavor” need to start doing their research before publishing this stuff , especially on the internet. I could point out several glaring inconsistencies and serious factual errors in her story. But I will refrain in the interest of Christian love and say only that I hope she has found peace in our Lord Jesus Christ as she claims, and that she has sought medical and psychological intervention.
    Best wishes.


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