Shrewd as Serpents: Discerning Antichrist Influences Within the Church, New Book by Ariel Abornski, Highly Recommended.

I’d love to recommend Ariel Abornski’s new book. She quotes from myself, Laura Maxwell and many other authors.


‘I’d love to recommend Ariel Abornski’s new book. She quotes from myself, Laura Maxwell and many other authors.

I have experienced much of what she describes over the past 20 years and was not surprised when around 6 years ago, the Lord led me to leave much of the Spirit-filled movements I once belonged to and dearly loved. I even received deliverance from deliverance ministers for the practises I’d been taught there. Through scriptures, night dreams and daily visions, He showed me it’s time to prepare for the coming persecution, tribulation and even martyrdom. I was dismayed most churches I knew and loved dearly weren’t preaching this and thus sadly the majority of Christians were not being prepared. Like Ariel, myself and many others continue to pray that leaders will awake and begin to prepare their flocks with these biblical truths! Revival is indeed wonderful but after it, we enter the Last Days, which many biblical scholars will attest to, especially those with a deep knowledge of history and current world events as prophesied in the bible.

Ariel’s book clearly shows the mystery religions from the time of the Tower of Babel have come to us through Hinduism, Gnosticism, and New Age Spirituality. They infiltrated Germany before the Holocaust, and she shows, with direct quotes from books by well known ministries, the same techniques and concepts are currently being taught in Progressive Christianity and in many Spirit-filled and Pentecostal churches.

I firmly believe if you read this book you will be more awake to the times we are in and far more wise concerning the many prophetic voices on platforms today… test the spirits is a command from the Lord, not an option.’

Laura Maxwell, author, radio host and frequent tv and radio guest.

Shrewd as Serpents: Discerning Antichrist Influences Within the Church.

Back Cover:

‘Although God has given us the Bible, which is inerrant and trustworthy, mystery religions from the time of the Tower of Babel have encouraged mankind to commune with evil spirits and to use their sorcerous power. Through the Luciferian lie of spiritual evolution, that we either are little gods or can evolve into deity, humanity has been seduced through doctrines of demons in occult belief systems such as Hinduism, Gnosticism, and New Age Spirituality. Currently, through eastern ‘prayer’ techniques, fallen angels are influencing church members to deny essential Christian doctrines and to unite into a global community, setting up a kingdom for the antichrist.

Rather than teaching discernment in church, many pastors and worship bands are focusing on wonderful sounding platitudes about love, forgiveness, peace, social justice, unity, and our value. They give comforting messages of how God wants to bless, protect, and keep us happy, telling us that we can look forward to revival, success, and blessing.
People who look for Christianity to make their lives comfortable and prosperous may be too soft to endure the coming persecution. As Satan’s realm gains ground, we will be facing greater tribulation than ever before. A time is coming when we will need the fortitude of the martyrs, who faced starvation, torture, and death.’

A Reader’s Review.

‘This book is a must read for any Christian. Well written and documented, highly informative and scripturally based, the author does an amazing job of detailing many of the anti-Christian faiths and beliefs that have infiltrated Christianity. This book will make you realize you cannot be a passive bystander in the continuing apostasy in the modern churches and so called Christian teachers/speakers. This book will get you informed and help you to be a more discerning Christian and help you to help others out of the demonic circles they may have unwittingly found themselves in.’

How To Buy The Book.

The print copy is now available at the introductory price of $9.99 or £8.09 for a few days. I very much appreciate your help in getting the word out by sharing this post and love reading your reviews on Amazon.

Thank you! Ariel Abornski.

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Have you not noticed that many, if not most preachers today prefer to preach what they term a positive message and say to preach that we need to prepare for persecution is a negative message?

truth or lies

The Last Days

It’s not negative dear friends, it’s biblical and loving to warn people of future events. Events from The Book of Revelation and other biblcial books will come to pass. In other countries, our beloved Christian brethern have been experiencing persecution and martyrdom already. The apostles endured it. We see that through the New Testament. It’s not fear mongering to preach this, because our hope and eternal salvation is in Jesus Christ, for those of us who diligently follow Him.

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About Laura Maxwell

Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see
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2 Responses to Shrewd as Serpents: Discerning Antichrist Influences Within the Church, New Book by Ariel Abornski, Highly Recommended.

  1. leon xiv says:

    You can also add in ‘state worship’ with ministers telling congregations to utterly obey the state due to the COVID-19 ‘situation’. In Australia we have the ‘jobkeep’ welfare payment which is meant to sustain businesses in order to keep their staff instead of dismissing them. But it has been discovered that many church ministers have been claiming payments while keeping their churches shut and going on holidays, this has been going on for months. And even when these churches do open they seem to have ‘select’ parishioners who many note seldom if ever attended church services in the past. But they are ‘whales’, that is upper class elites with a lot of money to splash around and have occasionally made big donations to the church. So the message is get rich or go to hell.
    There are churches who do adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ and enact on them by helping the poor and isolated with the likes of food vans and social drop-in centres, but they are subject to police harassment and this is done at the behest of the state.


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