Christian Authors Thank New Agers and Occultists for Their New Book on The Enneagram.

Ex New Ager, Spiritualist and Professional Astrologer, participated in past life regression, astral travel, spirit contact, tarot cards and had spirit guides: Marcia Montenegro is a woman who I highly admire and have loved her resources for years!!!

IVP admits the Enneagram is spiritual!

Marcia Montenegro wrote the following article.

H/T Ron Huggins for info (Dr. Ronald V. Huggins, former professor at Midwestern Baptist Seminary)

So a Christian book’s authors are thanking New Agers and a heretic? The list of names includes thanks to the following:

At least 3 people who had nothing to do with the Enneagram: Evagrius Ponticus from the 4th century and Ramon Llull from the 13th century (see CANA article on No Christian Origins for the Enenagram at end) and Ignatius. The Enenagram as a supposed personality assessment did not even exist until the 1960s.

Occultist Oscar Ichazo (one person whose mother is a former follower and who grew up at Arica where Ichazo had his school called his work the “black arts”)

New Age psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo

Heretic Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr’s student and mentoree, Suzanne Stabile

Several New Agers such as:
Don Riso & Russ Hudson (co-founders of the Enneagram Institute)
Helen Palmer, noted New Age author
Kathleen Hurley
*Sandra Maitri,
**Roxanne Howe-Murphy
+Dr. David Daniels (worked with New Ager Helen Palmer)
Ginger Lapid-Bogda
Beatrice Chestnut (student of New Agers Helen Palmer and Dr. David Daniels)

Marcia Montenegro of CANA: So a Christian book is admitting the Enneagram is spiritual. But the issue is that it’s not Christian spirituality and cannot be because there is nothing Christian about the Enneagram. The spirituality of the Enneagram has always been occultic and New Age spirituality long before it got into the church. You cannot just slap on a Christian label to make it Christian. Moreover, it has no validity anyway as a personality tool It is a New Age design and like anything New Age that claims to dissect you, has no value, especially for a Christian.

*Sandra Maitri was a member of the first group of students to whom the Chilean psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo presented the enneagram system in the U.S (Info from Amazon)

**Roxanne Howe-Murphy runs The Deep Living Institute: “I’ve been drawn to the preciousness of this human experiment, to experiencing the Sacred in all that exists, and to exploring the great Mysteries of life. After a substantial period of ‘forgetting who I am,’ I was blessed to reconnect with my deeper guidance and discover both the profound power and practicality of presence.” – Except from her website at

+ Dr. David Daniels: “Essence is that which underlies all external manifestations” — from website at

++ Ginger Lapid-Bogda: “I’m more universal in approach, without an affinity to a particular religious practice. Maybe the closest would be Hindu, and though I’ve been to India and spent time at an Ashram. My spirituality is more like a universal consciousness.” From interview at

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Marcia Montenegro: Sandra Maitri was one of Naranjo’s first students — see list in OP. I looked up most of the names and already knew some.

  • Don Veinot Joy has a copy of Father Mitch Pacwa’s 1992 book, Catholics and the New Age which has a subtitle, “How Good People are Being Drawn into Jungian Psychology, the Enneagram, and the Age of Aquarius” In chapter 4 he talks about it and the claim at the time was that Sufi’s had invented it but kept it a secret until they revealed it to the Western world through Ochazo. It seems as he went through the course at that time part of the process was Yoga and working to empty one’s mind of all thought. “We lay on the floor and imagined that we were burning logs turning into ashes. The goal was to let go of thought and identity and attain, ‘no-mind'” (pg. 98)
  • Ron Huggins Don Veinot. He actually was one of the guys who taught it to Richard Rohr.
  • Marcia Montenegro Mitch Pacwa has an article on the Enneagram in the CRI Journal.
  • Don Veinot In his 1992 book he is trying to warn Catholics about the dangers and occultism in that and other New Age things which were in the Catholic church at that time. Not sure at what point he intersected with Rohr.
  • Ron Huggins Pacwa writes:

    “Bob Ochs, after that course, came and taught it at our theologate, to people like Pat O’Leary from Cleveland, Colly Moloney in Canada, and later on, Gerry Hare who taught Richard Rohr. And I, who’d also taught Richard Rohr the Enneagram (before Gerry Hare taught him)—we began to teach the Enneagram course, and it has spread from these people in that course at the Jesuit School of Theology.”

    (Mitch Pacwa SJ. “The Enneagram: Spirituality It Is Not.” (

    Library : The Enneagram: Spirituality It Is Not
    Library : The Enneagram: Spirituality It Is Not

    Library : The Enneagram: Spirituality It Is Not

  • Ron Huggins The book you mention is pretty good. I have it.
  • Marcia Montenegro Yep, and Rohr won’t say Pacwa taught him since Pacwa has renounced and exposed the Enneagram.
  • Ron Huggins Yes, so far as I’ve seen, he credits Hare, but not Pacwa.
  • Marcia Montenegro Ron Huggins did you notice all the New Agers they thanked? I found 9 and I didn’t even look every name up. One I didn’t list is a mystical nun.
  • Ron Huggins Yes! It was striking. The problem is that those names are unfamiliar to Christians generally.
  • Marcia Montenegro Right. And I doubt most Christians know that the Enneagram Inst. is New Age. They probably think it’s some kind of academic or psychological organization.
  • Ron Huggins And its interesting how the Christian books describe the early players. Gurdjieff was an “Eastern Orthodox man.” Orchizo and Naranjo were “psychologists”.
  • Don Veinot Ron Huggins Ah, that is a different book than we have by Pacwa. Interesting admission.
  • Marcia Montenegro You can click on each image to see the names better in the Gratitudes image.

Marcia Montenegro, author and speaker.

Marcia Montenegro was a guest on my radio show The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell and her articles have featured on my blog. I HIGHLY recommend you check out her blog and Facebook page below.

SEE Marcia Montenegro’s Website:  CANA : Christian Answers for the New Age.

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