12 Points on True Identity of Ghosts by Exorcist Mark Hunnemann.

Seeing Ghosts through God’s Eyes by Mark Hunnemann.

Mark Hunnemann, exorcist and author of Seeing Ghosts Through Gods Eyes, a dear friend of mine, wrote this excellent brief article.

12 Points Regarding the True Identity of Ghosts

by Rev, Mark A. Hunnemann.


In the last decade or so, the belief in ghosts has exploded; changing the spiritual landscape of America. Polls indicate that what was once a fringe belief is now embraced by at least one-third of those in the US–65% of young adults.

In addition to its prevalence, there are titanic issues at stake surrounding the question of their existence.My own passionate desire to get at a definitive answer to whether ghosts exist resulted in publishing Seeing Ghosts Through God’s Eyes–which is a comprehensive analysis of this juggernaut from a biblical worldview perspective.

Because of space constraints, I will state my thesis and then briefly give evidence to support it.One more preliminary point–this is NOT some ivory tower debating point…it is immensely practical and serious. Every day scores of dear people are becoming demon oppressed due to curiosity or confusion re this issue.

What we call ghosts are said to be the trapped souls of deceased human beings.We all have an ultimate authority we appeal to in order to answer life’s most basic questions–this authority is unconscious for most people.Two intellectual starting points: we can either answer this question via speculation or revelation…our autonomous reason or Gods word.

God’s word is emphatic that ghosts don’t exist. What we perceive as ghosts (apparitions, EVP’s, smells, shadow figures, and so on) are really demons mimicking deceased humans in order to deceive us.

1. Deut.18:9-14 God commands us in the strongest language to not attempt to speak to the dead…this occultic practice was popular in Canaan.As with idolatry the reason for the prohibition on spiritism was the demonic reality behind it All other passages in the bible re spirits are to be interpreted through this primary text (basic hermeneutics)…..

2. In 2 Cor. 11:14 we are warned that “Satan can appear as an angel of light” in order to deceive us.If the devil can appear convincingly in a form antithetical to his true identity as the prince of darkness, then he–and by extension his demons–can easily appear as an apparition of a little girl crying, an elderly lady dressed in white, Uncle Charlie, a spirit guide, and so on. In agreement with above text, most judicious paranormal investigators acknowledge that demons can mimick and morph into anything they so desire…anything. If that is the case, then how can we ever be certain that a paranormal phenomena is not demonic…..we CAN’T!

3. From personal experience as a demonologist and exorcist, EVERY alleged ghostly entity has revealed it’s true identity when biblically challenged.

4. Heb.9:27 (and many other passages) state that death is determinative of eternal destiny; that is, upon death our souls go to heaven or hell. For the honest seeker, there is good academic evidence supporting the authority of the bible as God’s word.

5. When Jesus died on the cross, He defeated Satan, death, and the grave…he holds the keys to death and the grave (Heb 2:14-15; Rev. 1:18) That a traumatic death could trap an unsuspecting soul is contrary to every doctrine of the bible.

6. For 3,500 years the historic Judeo-Christian faith has taught that ghosts were demons, but as New Age beliefs displace Christianity, the belief in ghosts has soared–both inside and outside he church.

7. Having studied the data carefully, the entities we call ghosts lack certain aspects integral to true humanness.

8. Ghost hunters claim that they use the scientific method. Yet the vast majority of traumatic deaths do not result in a haunting. If a theory (traumatic death can lead to soul being trapped) does not hold true in the vast majority of cases, then something is amiss re the theory…it certainly cannot be claimed to be based on science.

9.  Jesus created the world and sustains it moment by moment (Col.1:16-17) When He walked on earth 2,000 years ago demon possessed people came to Him in great numbers…the demons recognized who He was. Ghosts and demons are said to occupy the same dimension. Then, why do we NEVER see Jesus ministering to ghosts, who seem to be far from perfect….Also, why did ghosts not seek Him out to help them as demoniacs did….If they did exist, then we would rightly expect Him to help these allegedly poor trapped souls.The simplest and best answer is that He did not minister to ghosts because they don’t exist, otherwise He would be guilty of overlooking an integral part of His creation.A re those who seek to assist ghosts in crossing over more knowledgable and more compassionate than He who created the world and is perfect love…To ask the question is to answer it.

10. Lastly, (there are many more), if ghost are real ,then why do they not show the same character and personality as when alive…We are allegedly surrounded by ghosts, which means there should be a good cross-section of America represented. With many thousands of hours of EVP’s caught on tape, there are no EVP’s which sing of the glories of Jesus Christ….they are on the front door to eternity, and yet they are mute about AMAZING GRACE…demons hate grace.

11. What we call the paranormal realm is the place God has sovereignty decreed to be the temporary home of Satan and demons. Hence, we are unwittingly “playing in Satan’s sandbox”.This is unspeakably horrible and dangerous.

12. Any attempts to communicate with the dead are as dangerous as playing with a Ouija board..The commonality is an invitation for residents of spirit realm (which is Satan’s abode) to speak or make their presence known. That gives a foothold to demonic…

FROM: https://www.facebook.com/SeeingGhosts/posts/565128263539987



An Open Letter To Christian Paranormal Investigators From Mark Hunnemann, Laura Maxwell & Dana Emanuel.


Rev. Mark Hunnemann

‘Mark Hunnemann was an outstanding guest on my radio show and I highly recommend his articles!’  Laura Maxwell.




Mark Hunnemann, author of  Seeing Ghosts Through Gods Eyes was a guest on my radio show for 5 weeks running last year! To hear those fascinating episodes, please click here.

MARK HUNNEMANN’S EMAIL: mhunne@aol.com

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Rev. Mark Hunnemann is an Exorcist/Deliverance Minister, radio guest, former pastor and author of Seeing Ghosts Through Gods Eyes.

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/SeeingGhosts/

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