Are we alone? UFO’S and Alien beings – A Closer Look – Part 3: Alien Intrusion – The Movie!

From the producers of the Award-Winning Documentary Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels which has been described as one of the most powerful refutations of evolution ever produced.

Alien Intrusion : The Movie!

Anticipated release date—Christmas 2017.

When I interviewed Joseph G. Jordan for a six part series on my show The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell he told me of the production of this movie by his friend Gary Bates.

About the Alien Intrusion book which inspired the movie:

Alien Intrusion by Gary Bates

Film still

Gary Bates – An autopsy

YOU ASKED FOR IT! Now, at long last, a full-length MOVIE treatment of the Amazon top-50 selling book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection by the producers of Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels.

Gary Bates’s 2005 book is still the only creation book to achieve this feat.

And this is mainly due to the subject matter itself—the UFO phenomenon, fueled more than ever by modern science fiction and its portrayal of highly evolved and technologically advanced aliens traversing the galaxy, seeding and even overseeing the evolution of life on earth. People are simply fascinated by this issue, which presents itself as an ongoing mystery to be solved. Consider the plethora of cable TV series dedicated to aliens and UFOs to understand how our culture is saturated with this subject.

Such views have caused countless people to disregard the Bible’s history of origins in favour of the notion of the evolution of life occurring throughout a 14-billion-year-old universe.

The insidious side of the phenomenon.

Movie still

(Gary interviews an ‘experiencer’).

The Alien Intrusion book uncovered and confronted a much darker side to all this than is generally presented in feel-good movies such as Star Wars or Avatar. For example, one poll concluded that up to 20 million Americans had seen a UFO and possibly 4 million claimed to have been abducted by aliens. Such statistics are shocking, even to many Christians who are simply not aware.

Gary says:

“I cannot confirm if those poll numbers are correct, but I can say for sure that literally hundreds of people have contacted me, or turned up at my speaking events to share their experiences. There is no question that something is happening to these people, but the big question is always, ‘Is it really aliens? Are these entities who they claim to be?’

Movie still

(Original, top-notch animations are being crafted for the movie).

“Jesus said that He is the truth and that His truth will set people free (John 8:32). I can confirm, first-hand, that this is true. I’m aware of hundreds of examples directly related to the UFO phenomenon alone where people have been ‘set free’ through this message.”

For example, David B. wrote:

“I am writing to you, to express a very big thank you, regarding your UFO research.

“I have just finished your book Alien Intrusion (Updated & Expanded), and I must say that I found the content to be very healing. In fact, it was / is the most accurate, precise, comprehensive & tangible explanation regarding the UFO phenomenon.

Movie still

Pastor Johnny Hunt, former President of the Southern Baptist Association gives his theological perspective:

“I have been deeply traumatized by experiences which I have been too ashamed to share with others. I have been plagued from childhood, into adulthood. I had somehow become traumatized by the image of ‘Greys’ when I was a child, and I vaguely recall an abduction experience … In my early teen years I had become involved with a Christian based religious cult. … I had deep personal scars from the unexplained … experiences with entities … I had tried to reconcile my faith for a period of 6 years after leaving that Christian based cult, and it eventually got to the point where I told myself, ‘you know what, this (Christianity) does not work.’

“… I tried connecting the dots between Christianity, Buddhism, Occult Practices and whacked out conspiracy theories. I was ready to believe that the Bible was a lie.

“I still had some reservations about coming back to Christ. There was something niggling away inside telling me, ‘This all just sounds too simple. I still have a deep yearning in occult matters. I want “REAL answers”, I want to REALLY know what is happening with the World.’”

Movie still

Nick Redfern, UFO researcher featured on The History Channel, UFO Hunters and Ancient Aliens

“The last and final stage of my ‘true conversion’ came when I had finished reading the book Alien Intrusion (Updated & Expanded).

“I want to give a very big Thank You!! for all of your work in this matter. You have accurately explained what these entities are, how they operate, and have given me the clarity to regain my faith. Everything you talked about corroborates 100% with all my personal experiences, and is also in unison with all the various subject matter I have looked into. I have no doubt that the spiritual attacks I had received were all designed to alienate/separate me from God and others. They had steered me to become more and more obscure, and have been responsible for the fracturing of my mind, body, and soul.

“I am now in the process of getting to know God (properly). I acknowledge that I do need a Saviour. I have tried to live without one. It is hard, very tiring & humbling attempting to be ‘perfect’ or living, without God.”

Movie still

(These specifically designed F1 engines made the Saturn 5 rocket the most powerful craft ever built by mankind.)

A spiritual battleground

We’ve received so many testimonies like this from the book alone. The message has released many from the clutches of evil influences and into faith in Christ. For over 10 years we’ve received multiple requests to make this film, which has greater potential to reach even more. Please join us to make this happen.


Alien Intrusion (Updated & Expanded) by Gary Bates. Book available on Amazon.

Gary Bates’s 2005 book solves one of the most haunting and persistent mysteries of our time:

The evolution connection to UFOs
UFOs sighted in every country
Seen on radar
What happened at Roswell?
Government cover-ups?
Alien abductions?
Suicides in cults
Ancient astronauts?
Can UFOs travel faster than light?
A ‘new’ religion

‘When actor Richard Dreyfus gazed up into the heavens during the hit film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind audiences looked with him, in rapt attention. Alien encounters cropped up like, well, crop circles. More films were released. Books detailed alleged abductions. NASA funded SETI, an effort to make contact with civilizations from other worlds. But is all this valid? Are there really alien civilizations in our vast universe? In Alien Intrusion, Gary Bates gives a thorough treatment of this fascinating subject. What is behind the numerous sightings from around the world? Does the U.S. Government have evidence of alien craft? Can we hope to make contact in our lifetime? The author comes from an unapologetic Christian perspective, but lets the facts speak for themselves. His expertise on the subject and ability to ‘cover the bases’ has earned widespread respect – even from many in the ‘UFOlogy community’ who may be uncomfortable with the startling conclusions to which he inevitable leads the reader. This was especially evident during an amazing three-hour interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast. This invaluable book will help Christians understand the issues, and be able to intelligently answer questions and engage in dialogue with a culture sure were are being watched from space. Heavily illustrated with photographs and drawings – an amazingly comprehensive ‘cutting-edge’ look at the UFO abduction phenomena.’

And NOW The full-length movie  of Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection has been released!

‘Alien Intrusion: Chat with the Producer’, by creationclips videos 


Plus, a short video by Creation Ministries International of   ‘Alien abduction’ experiences halted in the name of Jesus!

 Creation Ministries International presents this milestone documentary. Please share this and help them spread the word about the movie! 

Anticipated release date—Christmas 2017.

Two Movie Trailers!

Please watch the two Movie Trailers and see FULL DETAILS of this NEW MOVIE at:

Alien Intrusion Film by Creation Ministries International


Alien Intrusion: The Movie

Travel, travel and more travel!

By , Video Production Coordinator, CMI–US

Published: 6 June 2017 (GMT+10)
First appeared in a CMI newsletter March 2017

Creation Ministries International

Three years ago, I joined CMI as an Events Manager—part of the team that arranges hundreds of speaking events each year. As our documentary project, Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels (EAH), grew and grew, I was quickly absorbed into the video department to help complete what was to become an award-winning film. It was a blessing to me, as I received my college degree in this very area—video production. I have remained full time in this role ever since, including filming and post-producing our youth survey project FALLOUT! and DVDs such as Creation Restored: The New Heavens and Earth; Light Years? No Problem!</a target=”_blank” href=”>; and Evidence for a Young World, among other projects.</a target=”_blank” href=”>

Did life evolve on other planets?


Our CEO, Gary Bates, ironing backdrops in a hotel meeting room—setting up our mobile studio to film interviewees. See more at</a target=”_blank”>

Ever since I started, I (and many others ) had been bugging our CEO, Gary Bates, to make a documentary based on his top-50 best-selling book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection. I read the book as a young man and it helped me see more clearly the spiritual battle we’re fighting. As a parent of young children, it made me aware of the potential desensitization of people, especially our young ones, with the secular culture’s portrayal of older, wiser and more technologically advanced aliens traversing our galaxy.

I know that Gary was daunted by the prospect of embarking upon another major project, especially after having just given two years of his life to EAH. Well, I got my wish and Gary segmented some time away from the office to write a script, and the next thing I knew we were hitting the road hauling eight suitcases of production equipment and ironing backdrops in hotel rooms to set up mini studios to record people involved in all things ‘alien’. Watch out when Gary makes his mind up to do something! In three months, we visited 8 states and numerous cities and even Seoul, South Korea, to interview around 17 scientists, UFO experts and even alleged ‘alien abductees’—even more than we did for EAH.

It’s changed us also!


‘Experiencer”’ Joyce and her family once featured in secular documentaries about their alleged alien experiences.

Early on, the importance of this project was made crystal clear when we recorded an interview with UFO-experiencer, Joyce. Although there is a scientific, futuristic aspect to this phenomenon (that we will deal with in the movie), there is also a dark spiritual aspect. Believe it or not, like potentially millions of others, Joyce once believed she encountered alien entities in her own home. Years ago, her family were even featured in a mainstream, secular TV documentary. She recounted to us her traumatic experiences through very painful tears, but also testified how she was delivered from them when she called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for help!

It was agonizingly difficult to continue as Gary and I both broke down while listening to her trembling voice and the trauma that she and her young family suffered at the hands of evil entities. But we had to remain calm and supportive, the best we could, for Joyce’s sake, and felt humbled as she opened up to us. We both agreed, we will never forget that day.

These encounters really brought home the fact that we must tell these people’s stories.

She is one of several that will feature in this movie, and these encounters really brought home the fact that we must tell these people’s stories. They are so often dismissed as cranks by those who do not understand. Our purpose is to expose the enemy, and show people the spiritual nature of the deception, and most of all, that they need Jesus, and can be delivered just like Joyce.

A creation presentation like nothing before


Dewey Hodges, Ph.D. (aerospace engineering) explains the problems for interstellar travel.

Now of course, CMI’s core ministry is not just making movies but rather producing life-changing information to the church and beyond. Film and media is just one way we do this, as was the case with Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels (EAH), which was the most powerful evolution antidote we’ve ever produced. It was also the case with EAH that we relied on your financial support to make it happen, because such projects are over and above what we normally do day to day. It is my view that:

  • We already know Gary’s book of the same theme has been one of the most widely circulated creation books ever written.
  • Due to the popularity of science fiction and alien themes; this subject has a greater attraction/pulling power to reach the unchurched.
  • This project has the potential to reach even more people than anything we’ve ever done before.

So, in faith, we’ve already embarked upon filming, post production and producing video animations for this latest project as we want to finish it quickly. We are aiming for a release date towards the end of 2017. That’s not far away.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this project, or helping financially, see


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Gary Bates: Alien Intrusion — UFOs and the Evolution Connection.

Published on Jan 27, 2017 by EvolutionismAnti-Science Lie

Credit to Creation Ministries International CMI Creation Station, Alien Resistance.



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