More censorship? ICANN and our internet being sent to multi-national corporations!!!

One World Government - One Internet

One World Government – One Internet

Lisa Haven of Before It’s News shared the below Facebook post almost 24 hours ago for American citizens. We all need to read this whatever nation we live in. I know it’s late but there’s still time to answer Lisa’s call for action!

Lisa Haven of Before It's News

Lisa Haven of Before It’s News

“Attention everyone please contact your senators about ICANN and our internet being sent to multi-national corporations. Do this NOW before Oct. 1st. Please let them know how you feel.” Lisa Haven.

Here’s the website to find your senators email address:

Here’s an example of what someone sent me that you can use to sent to your senator:

Dear Senator _____,

I am calling on you and other members of congress to stop President Obama’s surrender of the Internet by ceding oversight of ICANN to a multi-national organization.

I believe this unconstitutional and very misguided action will empower our enemies and diminish our national defense.

Newsweek says this action “shed[s] the last remnants of Internet control by America.” A Wall Street Journal OpEd calls it “America’s Internet Surrender” that opens the Internet up to “censorship” from regimes such as China and Russia. And Barack Obama’s actions fuel Vladimir Putin’s stated goal of “international control of the Internet,” and the United Nation’s desire for censorship of search engines.

I am urging lawmakers to take aggressive action to ensure that our remaining oversight of the Internet is NOT ceded to the international community.

That’s why I are calling for the passage of Senator Cruz’ S.3034 – Protecting Internet Freedom Act, and the same bill in the House of Representatives as offered by Congressman Sean Duffy.

In addition, you swore and oath to protect the U.S. Constitution. If you do not fight this matter, I believe you would be neglecting this oath and, therefore, plan on doing everything possible to fight your re-election regardless of who your opponent might be.

Thank you for taking appropriate to stop this egregious action by the Obama administration.

Senators of the 114th Congress
George Orwell quote - From Trumpet Blast Warning by Jason Carter.

George Orwell quote – From Trumpet Blast Warning by Jason Carter.

Lisa Haven of Before It’s News: Link to her Before It’s News Facebook page.

Before It's News

Before It’s News


My own Facebook post today:

More levels of censorship coming to the internet tonight at midnight, thanx to Obama. Here’s just one example of what may come. After watching it, please see a more realistic interpretation of it below! George Orwell’s 1984 wasn’t far wrong!

Martial Law?

Martial Law?

I still find it strange many still don’t believe the Bible, since world history and current events are clearly signposted all through biblical prophecy. Laura Maxwell

Let’s continue to pray for global events in Jesus name, amen.


Trust in Jesus

Trust in Jesus


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