Spiritualism Rising by EX Medium, Kristine McGuire.

Seance or 'Table Turning'.

Seance or ‘Table Turning’.

My lovely friend, Kristine McGuire, author & speaker has been on Christian TV channels in the USA. She wrote an excellent article about Spiritualism and mentioned a little of my story in it.

Kristine McGuire, EX Witch/Medium & Ghost Hunter.

Kristine McGuire, EX Witch/Medium & Ghost Hunter.

Spiritualism Rising

“I have a friend in Scotland named Laura Maxwell. Honestly, I don’t remember how we met online. Maybe she found one of my posts about being a medium or I ran across her testimony on the net. Whatever the case, she is a sweet sister in Christ who shares an occult past.

There are similarities in our stories. Laura and I have been spiritually sensitive since childhood, experiencing what she calls “psychic happenings” from an early age. Both of us were drawn to the supernatural throughout our lives.

Now, I didn’t start exploring the occult or developing psychic/medium ability until 1999, after years as a Christian, when I walked away from God.

Laura was drawn into Spiritualism when her mother joined a Spiritualist church after meeting a medium one day in the park while Laura was still in her early teens.

Laura and her mother spent ten years reading books about chakras, crystal healing, alternative therapies, and reincarnation. They developed their abilities as mediums through classes at the Spiritualist church.

What Laura says was glossed over or explained away were the mediums they knew who were experiencing spiritual harassment. Many of these mediums were driven to the point of physical and mental affliction. Tragically, Laura discovered in a very personal way what can happen when we open ourselves to spiritualism, spirit guides, and the occult.

You can learn more about Laura’s story in her own words here.

Many people believe the Spiritualist Movement and the Spiritualist Church are oddities of the past. A phenomenon which occurred during the mid-1800′s into the 1920′s among middle and upper class society of the United States and Europe (also known as Spiritism in continental Europe and Latin America).

However, spiritualism is alive and well today. My understanding is there are several types of Spiritualist churches, and (not unlike Wicca and witchcraft) hold their own traditions, although they do have certain common beliefs:

A belief in spirit communication.
A belief that the soul continues to exist after the death of the physical body.
Personal responsibility for life circumstances.
Even after death it is possible for the soul to learn and improve
A belief in a god, often referred to as “Infinite Intelligence”.
The natural world considered as an expression of said intelligence.
(This information was found HERE)

In the past ten years, there has been a rebirth of interest in spiritualism throughout the United States.

Although not every medium is associated with the Spiritualist church, there are plenty of them out there. People (including Christians) are going to mediums for readings and spiritual guidance in greater numbers. Just a few years ago, there was a psychic fair in Michigan which drew a crowd of 800 for readings. Mediums and psychics can be found in every city. Popular media is filled with books, movies, and television programs which tout psychic mediums and their abilities.

There are two Spiritualist churches where I live.

When I was developing as a medium, I had a friend who spent years in the Spiritualist church. She encouraged me to go with her. I went to several services offered by the spiritualist church. I attended several psychic development classes and received a reading. And it was through reading a book written by a spiritualist medium, I decided to invite spirit guides into my life.

What Christians need to remember is what the Bible has to say about mediums, psychics, and spirit communication.

“Do not defile yourselves by turning to mediums or to those who consult the spirits of the dead. I am the LORD your God.” Leviticus 19:31 (NLT)

“Someone may say to you, “Let’s ask the mediums and those who consult the spirits of the dead. With their whisperings and mutterings, they will tell us what to do.” But shouldn’t people ask God for guidance? Should the living seek guidance from the dead? Look to God’s instructions and teachings! People who contradict his word are completely in the dark.” Isaiah 8:19-20 (NLT)

There you have it.

I know psychics and mediums seem mysterious and interesting. The problem is the source of their ability and the messages they are giving to those seeking their guidance. God is not speaking through them. The beings they communicate with are not friends or family, but deceptive spirits masquerading as human spirits. What’s troubling are those people who consider themselves to be Christian but are embracing spiritualism (as I once did) and psychic/medium ability.

Christians should have nothing to do with mediums, psychics, or seeking to become like them. Scripture speaks clearly on this. God calls the practice an abomination and detestable. I implore you. Please learn from my experiences. Don’t mess with spiritualism.


Thankfully, Laura and I were delivered from Spiritualism. We will be sharing our experiences in a book called Dancing with the Devil by Jeff Hashbarger. The book will be published the same time as my own, Escaping the Cauldron, in September. ( NOTE : The books were published Sept. 2012. This is an article Kristine wrote later!)

My prayer is through our stories (and others who have fallen into the lure of the occult), people will think twice before opening that door in their lives.”

Kristine McGuire, author of Escaping The Cauldron, as seen on TV.

(To read more of Kristine’s excellent articles and hear when she’ll be speaking at churches, on TV or radio, please go to her blog.)

Kristine McGuire

Kristine’s excellent blog.


About Laura Maxwell

Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see http://OurSpiritualQuest.com
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