Spirits tormented Physical Trance Medium, Mark Bassett.

Mark Bassett, EX Physical Medium.

Mark Bassett, Ex Physical Medium.

I was so glad when Mark Bassett contacted me & gave me permission to share an extract from his blog below.

I was a Spiritualist and now I’m a Christian.

‘I created this blog to help others that have experienced adversity through occultist/Spiritualist beliefs.

I write to show people the dangers of following fraudulent idols/spirits.

They are all a distraction from Jesus & the only God-The Christian God.

Forces behind occultist practices like to pretend they are good & appear to run alongside healthy principles but they are ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’.

Friday, 14 June 2013. THE STORY SO FAR …

This is just the short version of my story …

I was a child when I started sensing spirit activity in my home and naturally I grew up wanting to know what it was. My curiosity led me to ghost hunting and eventually to a spiritualist church in London.

From 2005, I periodically went to various mental mediumship development circles until 2012 when I spent a significant amount of time at a physical mediumship circle up until May 2013.

At this circle we encouraged what we thought were spirits guides and spirits of loved ones to control us and bring forth messages and so called spiritual truths. Our intentions were good but ironically hugely misguided. At the peak of the practice the spirit guides who I’d trusted for a long time encouraged contact with and greeted new spirits pretending to be Jesus and what we called the great spirit (or God). Unsure but thinking it was possible that Jesus and the great spirit could be omnipresent I went with this.

Shortly after these impostors and the spirit guides then set about isolating me from my friends and family for 5 days, they ran me through a series of grueling and cruel tests that they claimed would prove I was worthy of working with the great spirit, including many hours of riddles, food deprivation and physical exertion.

On Sunday 5th my wife Aimee came back from a trip and came home to find me emaciated and speaking with a different voice and a transfigured face. They began to involve her in some mental tests. The evening ended with the spirit saying it would kill me if we didn’t answer the tests correctly so Aimee went to the bedroom and prayed to Jesus for the first time in many years.



She asked is my husband insane and she got the response “no” and then she asked what can I do? And heard the words “distract him”.

Aimee finally got my attention and I went to bed fearing I may not wake up in the morning.

On the Monday Aimee went to work I spent the entire day with friends.

Before bed there was no activity but when I woke up early in the morning they manage to win my trust temporarily and convince me to do some ‘final tests’.

When the activity was at its peak I was on my hands and knees and the evil spirit claiming to be Jesus and the great spirit was contradicting Gods word: the teachings in the Bible. It claimed I would never be forgiven and would have to punished by Jesus.

Aimee pointed out to me this was incorrect and then when I realised it was not who it said it was and nor were the spirit guides and loved ones. They were in fact one or more evil spirits/demons changing appearance and feeding us lies to prevent us from being saved by the real Jesus and God. In this moment Aimee heard Jesus say “In my name”. she grabbed my face and said in the name of Jesus Christ I cast you out.

Peace I leave with you ...

Peace I leave with you …

The following day in synchronicity and without communicating it, after a profound connection and experience of love and relief from God through listening to some worship music (The Swan Silvertones and Keith Green) we were both thinking of becoming Christians but were nervous about breaching the subject.

On a long walk we both spoke about our desire to be saved and upon returning home I asked Jesus for forgiveness for my sins and vowed to follow the Lord. I rebuked mediumship and other related activities from that night. Later that week I went online and phoned some people who directed me to my local church and the vicar and his wife came to our house to pray with and for us. This really helped disperse the negative entities.


God has shown use amongst other things three main points. We were living in sin and needed to be saved. I could use these events to help others convert and help confirm other Christians faith. And the third, that this was a display of his infinite love and power – He’d converted a dedicated spiritualist medium and brought back a woman who was dismissive of the faith despite a Christian upbringing. AND he did this by using the devil against himself to save us. Amazing!

I am relieved and so much happier now. You can attain this love and happiness through the glory and grace of God and a beautiful Christian community like mine. Thank you so much for your continued support.’

To read this or contact Mark, please visit his blog.  blog.


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3 Responses to Spirits tormented Physical Trance Medium, Mark Bassett.

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  2. Hey Tina, good to hear from you again sis. I’ll tell Mark that you commented. I found his testimony excellent and so typical of true stories I’ve heard over the past 18 years. Mark’s on my Facebook page now too, so it’s great to hear his progress. God bless you!


  3. Tina Storey says:

    Absolutely wonderful testimony! Fantastic to hear how the Lord Jesus saved you from the snares of satan. He will use your testimony to reach others and lead them to know the one true Lord – Jesus Christ. God bless you! xx


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