Deliverance Prayers

With Michael at Revelation TV, 2012

With Michael at Revelation TV

These two programs were filmed in Scotland, July 2013.

In this specially commissioned video series, Michael Cummins was interviewed by friend & ministry colleague Laura Maxwell.

You may know Michael from Revelation TV, where he was often a guest on shows with the late Doug Harris. Or from Michael’s show Voice In The Wilderness, live on Revelation TV, Thursdays midnight til 2am Fridays.

In parts one and two of this first video, Michael teaches on the topic of spiritual warfare and deliverance.

Part Two.

In this last video, Michael prays deliverance prayers. If you are seeking ministry for deliverance, please watch this video.

We pray you will be ministered to by the precious Holy Spirit.

If you’d like to see Michael’s website or leave a comment for him, please go to Michael’s Blog

Thank you for watching, God bless you.


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