‘A Witch’s Encounter With God’ A True Story About Escaping Darkness in ‘Together LA’.

Like Ex Witch, Ally Tower, I too have heard of witches and occultists finding Christ during the Halloween season. Nothing is impossible for God!

Ally Tower, wrote, ”So happy to see that “A Witch’s Encounter With God” has been highlighted in this article from TogetherLA.net, as it has a predominately Southern California audience which being from the East Coast is exciting for me. I believe this article, as well as this excellent regional source of Christian news, may impact many in gaining a greater understanding that no matter where you have gone on your spiritual walk, Jesus is waiting with open arms for His prodigal sons and daughters! Please pray for those who need to find like I did, that there are witches and occultists who have found freedom in Christ during this Halloween season. It’s about love…… that overpowers darkness!”


‘A Witch’s Encounter With God’ A True Story About Escaping Darkness by S.A. Tower.

A Witch’s Encounter with God by S A Tower


Editor’s Note: Los Angeles is home to arguably the largest number of spiritual seekers in the world. After all, doesn’t it make sense that the destination city for so many people looking to fulfill their dreams could easily translate into dreamers seeking to find the meaning of life? Witchcraft, for example, resides in LA where many self-professing witches and wiccans call home. A “Los Angeles Pagans and Witches Network” group on Meetup shows more than 2,200 members and 20 upcoming Meetups in the next 30 days or so. However, not all spiritual seeking or “testing” is harmless. On the outside, some of the beliefs and rituals appear perhaps “fun,” but on the inside, darkness and evil often abounds. Although the true story of S.A. Tower, who is a former initiated witch, does not take place in Los Angeles, it is because of this city’s dynamics that we’ve chosen to publish the press release below about her newly released book, A Witch’s Encounter With God.

“A Witch’s Encounter with God is one of the most transparent and enlightening testimonies I’ve ever read. As a result of reading this book, you will be better equipped to effectively minister to those coming out of spiritual darkness.” – Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President NHCLC and Author of the Best Seller, Be Light

Is it possible for a believer to be caught up in spiritual darkness and enter the realm of witchcraft? S. A. Tower can testify first hand after she found herself caught in the Devil’s snare. Ms. Tower spent over a decade as an initiated witch in the New York tri-state area. In her newly released book, A Witch’s Encounter With God: Taken From The Night Expanded Edition, Tower tells how she embarked on a spellbinding journey into the ways of magic and witchcraft until she had a unexpected encounter with God and her life was forever changed.

Disillusioned with the Christian life, falling prey to man’s broken promises and left in total despair, S. A. Tower found herself in desperation with two choices: survive and live or roll over and die. Choosing to reclaim control over her life, she opened her mind to forbidden occult knowledge and eventually became part of a coven of witches who trained her up in the Craft. Over time, she was initiated in a symbolic Egyptian tomb in the Appalachian Mountains. She practiced magic and cast spells for seemingly good yet reached a point of accepting total separation from God as her eternal destiny. Tower’s plunge into the dark side reached a pinnacle moment the night she conjured up a banishing spell to rid her life of all Christian influence, including her spiritual father. But God intervened with an enormous act of love, breaking through the veil of deception that held her, and restoring her back to Him.

Many have written ex-occult testimonies, but what sets this book apart is its raw authenticity that gives the reader a “witch eye” perspective of the spiritual struggles, taken from many of her journal entries and e-mails during the time she was involved in the Craft. This unique book is written by someone who has gone where many would never want to go themselves…into the world of witchcraft and the battles that take place in the spiritual realm.

Pastor Lawrence, the spiritual father who had witnessed her entire journey shares his perspective, “My dear sister in the Lord and I have gone through a wonderful journey together—to hell and back! This record of that journey is a brutally honest portrayal of what we walked through together, including times when I said to her, “I think I care more about you than you do!”

Two respected Christian leaders had this to say after reading the book:

A Witch’s Encounter with God is one of the most transparent and enlightening testimonies I’ve ever read. As a result of reading this book, you will be better equipped to effectively minister to those coming out of spiritual darkness.” – Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President NHCLC and Author of the Best Seller, Be Light

A Witch’s Encounter with God engages the reader immediately and transports them to the battlefield of the soul. This compelling narrative pulls no punches about church life, family struggles, and the darkness that often parades as light!” – Dr. Ron Phillips, Senior Pastor of Abba’s House and Author of over 30 books, including Our Invisible Allies

A Witch’s Encounter with God takes you on an emotional journey through the thoughts of one led astray by the lure of witchcraft while revealing the spiritual battles that affect our earthly reality. Be filled with empathy and suspense as you read this true story of a witch who not only bares her soul, but shares her dramatic visions in the supernatural and is ultimately confronted by the enormous power of God’s love in her journey from darkness to light.

S. A. Tower is a sought-out guest by many who want to hear of her involvement in witchcraft and how she escaped from its entangled web. She has been a featured guest on many major Christian media outlets, most notably as Guest Contributor for The Christian Post. Visit her at: www.ex-witch.com.

This Expanded Edition e-book is available now just in time for Halloween. Amazon will be the first distributor to have it available for purchase for the retail price of $6.99 USD, with Barnes and Noble and 6 other e-book distributors to follow suit.

Visit Amazon.com at https://www.amazon.com/S.-A.-Tower/e/B0088UCJPS/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 or purchase directly from the e-book retailers via links from the author’s website at: http://takenfromthenight.com/the-books.html.

In closing, the publisher had this to say about this eye-opening book:

“There are times in your life when the miraculous happens… landmark moments when prayers are answered and you are left speechless. I can testify that A Witch’s Encounter with God is such a time… because I bore witness to many of the events shared in this deeply personal, insightful memoir. In retrospect, it was quite the roller coaster ride, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!” – Robert Marchuk, Dwell Publishing


Robert Marchuk, CEO at Dwell Publishing

So glad to see Together LA share Ms. Tower’s book information. I know many times a seeker is looking for that one person who came to Christ who can actually understand the struggle and can relate to the spiritual and emotional ties that lay in the path of complete freedom. She is a living testimony who has walked the walk from the craft to Christ! For those who are considering leaving the occult…. He is waiting with open arms! 🙂

Don’t be left in the dark! Order at:  http://takenfromthenight.com/the-books.html


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