Winter Colds and Flus – Or GeoEngineering? With Felicity Corbin-Wheeler. 

Felicity Corbin Wheeler

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler has a show on Revelation TV and Eternal Radio…

‘I’m on Eternal Radio right now reaching the globe with the Good News about Health with Stephen Merrick. This is an interesting one! And watch my Facebook, lots of mind blowing new scientific and well referenced stuff on the stratospheric spraying that is making so many of us so ill. Wake UP!’

Get Well Stay Well with Felicity Corbin-Wheeler Tuesdays 10am UK time. To listen visit

Chemtrail Flu

‘Pilots, scientists and doctors tell the truth! Trying to tell friends about this?’  Felicity Corbin-Wheeler writes, ‘Just point them to http://www.GeoEngineeringWatch,org. If they have a grain of intelligence they will cotton on. Post these wake up clips. Get in an active group. There is strength in numbers. And don’t talk about chemtrails… talk about solar radiation management, stratospheric spraying. Even the governments admit they are doing it!’

‘Are you suffering from the chemtrail flu? The aching body, coughing, congestion and lack of energy that affects many people every year. Doctors have been saying for a long time that what we think is the flu isn’t necessarily it, mostly blaming other viral infections, but Dr. Len Horowitz has another explanation. He thinks people are getting sick from what he calls chemtrail flu.

For the last 20 years, he says, he has seen more people get sick with unusual upper respiratory infections. He thinks a lot of these cases stem from disease agents called mycoplasma.

Mycoplasma is not quite bacteria, though they are similar. These microorganisms lack a cell wall, which means most antibiotics don’t work on them the way they do on typical disease-causing bacteria. Mycoplasma infections are known for causing pneumonia, but they can also present with vague symptoms like tiredness and malaise, making them difficult to diagnose.

This CONTROVERSIAL DOCTOR EXPLAINS CHEMTRAIL FLU EPIDEMIC. The question then becomes, where does mycoplasma come from, and why does it seem to have become much more common since the late nineties? It is possible that it’s because of increased awareness, as medical professionals like Dr. Horowitz are talking about it, but the doctor himself disagrees.

He blames a conspiracy between the government and large pharmaceutical companies, and even calls the disease a “biological weapon”. His suggestion is that it might have been deployed on purpose, either to control the population or to create demand for pharmaceutical solutions like antibiotics, which of course don’t usually work on these infections. Antibiotics are also hard on the body, potentially causing more disease when they’re used unnecessarily.

A weakened immune system, whether from overuse of medication or from other toxic substances in the environment, leads to even more infections. Dr. Horowitz names ethylene dibromide as an example of these environmental toxins. It was widely used in the past as an additive in leaded gasoline and as a fumigant to spray crops and golf courses.
The substance is extremely toxic to humans and can cause cancer, liver disease and respiratory illness. The chemical has been banned for some of its most common applications but is still in use in some industries. ‘


‘Painful irritation in sinuses, throat, lungs caused by the aluminium that is being stratospherically sprayed to dim the sun. They use nano particulates which damage our delicate respiratory tracts like shards of glass, tainted with aluminium, barium, ethylene di bromide and any other chenical and bacteria or virus they wish. And NO POLITICIAL PARTY HAS THE GUTS TO STAND UP TO THEM. Listen to the Rev Michelle Mann and see a medical specimen of these nano particulates.’

‘UK under Chemical Attack right now. See this clip shot in Wigan today 3rd December 2017. Have YOU had chem flu or cold recently? So many suffering from the chemicals being sprayed stratospherically on a niaive, trusting population. WAKE UP and join the millions of us who are. All the evidence on Stop this madness.’


‘See the documentation and commercial patents for the sprays dating from 1950’s:’


‘Commercial air travel passengers are being subjected to very real and immediate dangers from the ongoing illegal climate engineering operations. The attached one and a half minute video is a case in point. No wonder so many develop colds and “flu” after flying.’

Dane Wigington

So interesting. Make your voice heard, while you still have one!

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler ‘That is why we must support Dane and get active. We are going to get hit anyway, so would you rather face the traffic and do something about it, or just wait to get hit from behind?? Some of us have grandchildren to fight for. What a legacy we are leaving them. There has never been a generation that has allowed so much environmental devastation. Get active! Share this information!’

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler ‘If only everyone on FB today would cotton on to this and act. We need a miracle and I pray and BELIEVE for one. It will be the power of the people globally that overcomes. If we delay much longer we will be too late. The chemical disaster is too great already and the seas and land are dying fast, every day… Only a miracle can restore the delicate balance of our universe.’

Viewer: ‘The more I learn the more overwhelmed I feel. I have just changed to organic and raw and all the other things that I’ve learned but to be honest this just makes every effort to eat clean pointless. I presume this happens over uk too.  If it can be stopped by mass outcry we need to be led into it and do it fast!!!’ 

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler: Dont despair… Join GeoEngineeringWatch.organd get active with the rest of us! Dane Wigington is taking the government to court with a legal team.



An in-depth look at Aquaponics by John, from John knows a great deal about agriculture. For those who are seriously interested in this sustainable way of continuing to feed our families in our broken, polluted, poisoned world. Very interesting. Note the suggestions he has for improving the method.

Aquaponic Farming adds fish into the equation.! Great news for the future of safe, clean, inexpensive and sustainable food production in a broken, polluted, poisoned planet. Watch this one and spread the GOOD NEWS.

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler :

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