Vatican Telescope, CERN and ET’s – Kev Baker video.

Invisible Terrestrial Entities, Vatican LUCIFER Telescope, CERN & Fake Disclosure 2016!

Vatican alien UFO mothership Pope

Last year, I shared some thoughts about 2015 The Year of Lucifer’s Light and links between the Vatican, Pope, Lucifer Telescope, aliens and so on. On 23rd September, I had a vision of the baphomet. Rightly or wrongly, I interpreted it as Jesus giving me a sign the world had entered another stage of the Luciferian NWO.

Have the latter stages begun? The Great Tribulation enroute to Armageddon? I don’t know. I’m neither a bible scholar nor prophet, but many world wide believe so.

The new information shared in this video by Kev Baker is extremely revealing.

The Kev Baker Show is part of TFR, Truth Frequency Radio.

The Kev Baker Show 2

The Kev Baker Show on TFR


Thunder Energies new concave Santilli telescope…


Ruggero Maria Santilli

Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope…

Lady Gaga, Intel – 2016 Grammy Awards…

Anthony Patch on CERN.



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