Battling with Addictions?

Overcoming Addictions. Nothing is impossible with God.

Overcoming Addictions. Nothing is impossible with God.

Overcoming Addictions

Jesus with a man

Christians battling addictions : drugs, alcohol, negative thought patterns, dysfunctional relationships, whatever it is …

Please get up rite now. Sing your favourite worship songs. Thank God for what He has already done in your life.

Cling to your favorite bible verses of encouragement and hope. Plz don’t doubt God! He does the miraculous!

Listen to this song! Satan Bite The Dust, from The Addicted to Jesus album, by Carmen.

Remember all of the imperfect people throughout the bible, that God used for His glory. Too many to even list here! Perhaps Peter is one of the best examples. He denied Jesus after promising that he would fight for Him and even die with Him.

Jesus with a young lady

We can’t judge Peter, we all suffer from fear and pride at times!

I admired that Peter wanted to be a warrior for Jesus, at least he wanted to do it.  Even though he had pride, was stubborn and acted foolishly many times.

Yes, I think Peter had an addiction. He thought he was James Bond, Rambo, the hero in all the Armageddon movies. That was Peter!

I do admire folks like that, but they can’t do it alone. It’s impossible, satan will squish them.

There are legions of demons quite happy to throw you out the war. We all need Jesus in the battle with us.

When they came to take Jesus to the cross. Peter’s hero mentality kicked in! Cutting of the Roman soldier’s ear with his sword was bold but not the right way. How embarrased Peter must’ve felt, when Jesus went over and healed the guy. Either Jesus stuck the ear back on, or grew him a new one.


Think how Peter felt, when he denied he even knew Jesus. Think how he felt as Jesus died on the cross alone.

Think how Peter felt when the resurrected Christ came to him, with love in His eyes. Jesus knew that Peter loved Him. And He knew Peter had to say it out aloud, to help break his shame.

“Do you love Me Peter?” Peter’s heart must’ve wept. “Yes Lord, you know I love you” Three times he said it, because three times he’d denied Jesus.

What was Christ’s reply? “Then go and feed my sheep!”

So Jesus turned that situation around. Through his foolish actions and denial of Jesus, Peter was humbled. He probably thought his life was over, and he’d need to return to his former way of life. Maybe you’ve felt like that?

But Jesus reinstated him. Most ministries today would probably have thrown Peter out their church! But not Jesus … He loves, He forgives. He sees your potential and He never gives up on you!


With his independance, pride and arrogance broken, Peter became a true warrior for Christ, humbled and set free.

At last he had that revelation, that He needed Jesus more than anything. Peter finally became set free to be the man he was born to be.

And to go on and fulfill God’s perfect plan for his life.

Peter was then able to help so many others, he simply couldn’t have done that before, or in his own human strength.

He needed that intimacy with Jesus and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit flowing through him to minister to others.

Without Jesus, Peter could not have preached to the birds or even healed an insect!

If Jesus can change Peter, He can change you.

He can break ANY addiction, or personality flaw, EVEN if it stems from your youth. Even from fears and insecurities from infancy.

Jesus and man

Seek a trusted friend who will encourage and pray with you, not shame you.

And remember, nothing you have done can make Jesus love you anymore, or any less than He already does. Because God IS love.

Maybe you feel the battle is too tough to get through alone, please seek ministry. Here’s some suggestions from my blog :

Ministry Contacts.  Many thanks for reading and God bless you!


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