Victor Padilla overcame witchcraft & Mormonism spirits!

 Victor A. Padilla kindly wrote his testimony for this blog.
“ It is said that once you have experienced God, there is no going back to what you know is normal.
When I was a child my my mother was heavy into witchcraft, my father worked for a major crime boss in Tampa, Fl. and when he was drunk would get violent. My mother and I lived alone for 5 years after my father left, when I was 3 years old but, my father had us followed and kept tabs on us always.
My mother who was seeking spirituality, did witchcraft during those years, so you can imagine how much evil surrounded us. The Devil would try many times to kill me. But, the hand of God would prevail and still I knew, even as a young child that God was real. I would cry out to him in the night when demons and evil spirits would come to me and God would send angels to stand and protect me.
At the age of 8 years old, I completely gave my life over to God, through his son Jesus. It was at that time my father came back into our lives, he tried to be a better father and husband but eventually went back to the same way he was before.
Now as a young child, I would pray and fast for my father and mother. She gave her heart to God first, then the week my sister Joy was born, a miracle happened, my Father was broken by the Holy Spirit and gave his life completely over to God, never to be the same again.
I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a real and living God who pulled my father out of the Mafia and made him into one of the greatest men of God to ever live.
In 2006, my father went home to be with God and had changed thousands of lives, through his testimony and walking in the supernatural power of God.
Through the years I have had my ups and downs, even joined the Mormon church once through obliging my ex wife knowing in my heart I was wrong, I compromised and gave in.
The night before I was baptized into the Mormon church, I met the demon ‘Mormon’ in a dream, who runs the Mormon Church and he said to me …” Now you will work for me!”
In his scheme, I quickly rose to become a High priest holder, still knowing I was wrong, God allowed it, until finally He tore me away from that church, after seven years and brought me back to Him, in spirit and truth, almost 10 years ago.
Now I walk in the knowledge and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and in the calling of God in my life.
My wife and I have a ministry and a magazine, preparing for the greatest Awakening of the true Church, through Revival in these last days.
I wouldn’t trade another lifetime for my relationship with my Father God, The Holy Spirit, and Yeshua (Jesus). He saved me from death countless times, from when I was a missionary in Haiti, at the age of 21 until now.
How could I ever imagine life without him? There is a love between God and I that can never be challenged, or broken for it is upon this rock I stand and I shatter all doubt knowing that I belong to him. God Bless You – Brother Victor A. Padilla  .”
Victor Padilla 
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  1. monica says:

    Wow! Thanks for this great testimony!

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