Sign of End Times – Red Heifer’s Birth Fulfills Prophecy!

I’m very grateful that Deborah Menelaws of Bethel Communications, kindly gave me permission to share quotes from her article below.

The Temple Institute shared the above video on YouTube & wrote this : “Emblematic of the rapid unfolding of events in these crucial times of redemption, a red heifer was recently born. The owners of the red heifer contacted the Temple Institute to share the news and receive instructions concerning the proper care of the red heifer. The Temple Institute contacted a professional documentary film producer who provided this exclusive footage of the red heifer.

The ashes of the red heifer are necessary for the final preparation of the sacred vessels to be used in the Holy Temple, and for the purification of the kohanim (Temple priests) who will serve in the Holy Temple.”

To learn more about the red heifer, see this link to their site.

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A Christian documentary film-maker, Deborah Menelaws of Bethel Communications wrote, ‘We know from the prophet Daniel whom Jesus quotes, that antichrist will set up an office in the Jewish Temple … there is no Temple on the Holy mount yet because the land belongs to Jordan and there are several very important Islamic mosques/buildings not least the Al Aqsa mosque and the one we call the Dome of The Rock.

To be able to build the Jewish Holy Temple there, another prophecy will have to be fulfilled – namely a peace treaty between Israel and her neighbours and confirmed by the Antichrist. (Bold emphasis added by Laura!)

Most of the vessels for The Temple are already made, however they should be purified with water containing the ashes of a pure and kosher red Heifer which is ritually killed when it’s over 2 years old.  It has taken many, many years to breed such an animal. I have spent time with the rabbis at The Temple Institute over the years and they have shown me photographs of some of the attempts going back many years. 

Deborah adds, “So, eschatologically, this is exciting news … “

“I’m not sure how much you know about Bible prophecy but Bethel Communications made a DVD about the subject including this story along with interviews with many top experts such as Dave Hunt, Ken Ham, Roger Oakland, Barry Smith, Chuck Missler (author of the document shown above and who talks about the numbers in the scriptures) and the rabbi Chaim Richman featured in the film clip above. The film is called ‘Cup of Trembling-countdown to Armageddon’ available from Bethel Communications Sound Teaching Shop at

Deborah adds, “Also, you should watch The Daniel Project which is a professional documentary made for TV which shows more than 20 of the major prophecies”. It is on Netflix, or the DVD is available with some amazing extras at

  • ‘The Red Heifer – another sign the end is near?’ by Deborah Menelaws of Bethel Communications :  A link to the original article here.
    Do please contact Deborah, if you have any questions. Her Facebook page is on this link.

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2 Responses to Sign of End Times – Red Heifer’s Birth Fulfills Prophecy!

  1. Dear James, many thanks for your kind comments & words of encouragement, which are very much appreciated. It was lovely to hear from you again! I’m very grateful to be connected with you & to have subscribed to your blog too. I’d also like to encourage you to keep up the good work! I appreciate your wisdom and all that you do for the Lord and for people. God bless you. Laura.


  2. Laura, Just a note to say thank you for sharing timely articles regarding the soon appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, and warning all of us of the dangers of deceptive demonic teachings, clothing themselves as angels of light. There are many deceptive teachings involving false Christs, and it is refreshing to find your website a Lighthouse beaming its light across the stormy seas on humanity! Keep up the good work! I pray for you and connected to you. He is coming soon and we will soon meet together in the air with Him, never to be deceived ever again! James Clonch of


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