Alisha’s Testimony-From New Age to The True & Living God.

Alisha Deschamp’s Testimony : From New Age to The True and Living God

Alisha Deschamps

Alisha Deschamps

I found Alishas’ video testimony on YouTube and contacted her. She very graciously wrote her testimony and sent it to me, to add to this post.

In her video, she shares such a beautiful and eloquent testimony. Like her, when I was a New Ager, I thought all the Christians had to be killed, so we could evolve! Alisha was into the New Age, Transcendental Meditation, etc, before she gave her heart fully to Jesus.

Here is her written testimony :

“My name is Alisha. I was not raised in a christian home. I, like many others searching for spirituality, believed in a One-consciousness and believed that I was one with God. I got into Transcendental Meditation (TM) as well as relaxation and seeking my “higher power”. I remember having a “revelation” at one point that in order to “evolve”, humanity must be void of all “Christians”. I also remember thinking to myself that “If this is the truth… then it sucks because it all seems so impersonal …”

After about a year, I found myself in meditation and surrendering to Truth. I let go of everything I was ever taught. All biases and confusions I laid down for a moment and sincerely cried out with all my strength … for Truth… I cried out saying, “No matter what I’ve ever been taught or learned. .. I let it go and ask for the Truth. No matter what that is… I only want to know the Truth!

That’s when I heard God’s voice. A voice came audibly to me … a Voice that was not my own. “Alisha, find your Bible… and open it!” The amazing thing, too, was that I recognized the voice. I knew in my spirit that it was the voice of Jesus, the Christ.

A panic set in. Did I even have a Bible in the house? I reached up in my closet and pulled down a box. I dug through the books and found a Bible! I dusted it off and opened it. What I read dropped my to my knees.

“I and the Father are One”.

Jesus was God. I, and I needed to hear this and be humbled, was not.

I looked to another spot on the page. Again, what I read overwhelmed my to the point of tears of joy.

“I am the Good Shepherd. I will leave my 99 sheep who are following me to search out the 1 lost sheep.”

Alisha Deschamps 3

I was loved. It was personal. A weight that I never knew I even had lifted. Yes, it was like a 100 pound weight lifted off me when I first believed and accepted the fact that I was lost without knowing God and His love for me. I was forgiven. The guilt and shamed that weighed me down was now GONE. I leapt for joy and wanted to go downtown and shout in the streets, “Jesus is Real!”

By Alisha Deschamp, May 2014.

Many thanks to Alisha for very kindly writing her testimony for this blog! God bless you sister!


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