Dancing With The Devil, with Laura’s chapter. (Charisma House – Strang Publishers).


Jeff Harshbarger’s book, which myself & others contributed chapters to.


Jeff Harshbarger’s book, which myself & others contributed chapters to.[/caption]

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  1. Dave Wainwright says:

    I need help with deliverance and emotional healing. Suffered from depression my whole life. When I got saved I did not get set free from demonic spirits or healed from past abuse. I have struggled for 25 years to find freedom. Has almost ruined my life and marriage. I sent you a friend request on Facebook, or you can email me. Thank you! D


    • I’m so sorry to hear this dear brother. It is heartbreaking when people tell me these experinces. I got your friend request and replied to you, with a long reply on Facebook. I’ll give a shorter reply here, it may also help others who read this.

      You are not alone. Sadly, what you describe has happened to many others, world wide. People contact me to tell me their stories. Also, since I got saved 19 years ago, I began to read books of testimonies of people who needed deliverance and discovered many of them went through the same. I did too, but not for as long as you have. When I got saved, the first church I joined had no experience of casting out demons, so they thought I was just mentally ill. They didn’t even come to my mother’s home, or my home to see the demonic activity for themselves. If they had, they’d have saw it was true!

      The pastor even told my husband to put me in a psychiatric ward, because ‘Christian’s can’t have demons’. The pastor even knew my mother had just came out a psychiatric ward & killed herself for the same reasons! He did her funeral! Ofcourse my husband had saw the demonic activity with his own eyes, for years, so he knew that church was wrong.

      For about a year, I went from one church to another, trying to get help. During this time, I thought I might end up killing myself, like my mother had done. She had been tormented by demons for years as a Spiritualist, and those types of spirits were still tormenting me. Eventually we found a Pentecostal Church that had about 50 years experience of casting out demons. This was a church who believed the accounts in the Bible where Jesus and His disciples cast out demons and healed people; and so they still did it today themselves – as every church should!

      They went to my mothers’ home and cast the demons out. I then sold that house, glad that new tenants would not be tormented, as the demons had gone. I eventually got my freedom in this church and was so grateful. As I said, it was only about a year until I found this church and began to get help. It felt like forever though, as it was distressing that so many churches were ignorant, or seemed to ignore that Jesus and the disciples encountered demons and dealt with them!

      It was also humiliating, that so many churches treated me like a weirdo. It’s because my mother and I suffered that way, that I am so keen for people to find victory over these demonic attacks. Jesus Christ has given us the victory and the power to overcome and cast them out, but yes, it does help, if we have a church that believes this and puts it into practise!

      This is why on my blog, at the top, there’s a page of Contact & Advice : https://yourspiritualquest.wordpress.com/adviceprayer/contact/ On it, I’ve listed some deliverance ministries. Some of them are international, so you may find a branch in your own city. Some of them minister deliverance over Skype. The list is not exhaustive and if you research, you will find more online.

      Also on my blog, there’s a page, with 3 videos of Michael Cummins and myself. Michael’s had 20 years experience as a Deliverance Minister and has a weekly program on Revelation TV. He ministers deliverance every day of the week, such is the demand. Please watch the video where he says deliverance prayers. https://yourspiritualquest.wordpress.com/2013/07/14/deliverance-prayers-laura-interviews-michael-cummins/

      I admire and commend you so much, dear brother, as 25 years is a long long time, trying to find help. It angers me that so many churches are ignorant in this area. Too many people are in psychiatric wards because they played a Ouija Board or attended a seance, etc, and got demons.

      Actually, once when I was visiting in a ward, a few patients came to me and asked me to pray for them. I did and I CAST SOME DEMONS OUT OF THEM. tHE CHANGE WAS REMARKABLE. tHE NEXT DAY, ONE OF THE MEN WAS ACTUALLY DISCHARGED, BY HIS PSHCHIATRIST AS HE HAD CHANGED SO MUCH, HALLELUJAH! I met some of these people by accident, at shops, over the years and they stil remebered what had happened.

      I had the joy of meeting one woman, years after it, and she and her husband had joined a Pentecostal Church and had a wee girl. She looked so diffrent, it was a joy to see. She still remembered me ministering to her IN THE psychitric ward years before.

      I hope this encourages you to persevere and I am amazed you didn’t kill yourself. Please continue to look for a ministry that knows what to do.

      In the meantime, you have the authority as a beleiver, to bind those demons and command them to be silent in Jesus Name. People have even ministered self-deliverance to themselves, as there was no=one else to help them. This can be done & I even done it to myself. But ofcourse, there’s more anointing where there’s at least two of you together, so another Christian helping is preferable.

      Do keep in touch on Facebook and let me know how it progresses. There is power in the NAME OF jESUS cHRIST, to overcome every demonic spirit, so do not give up.

      Look at me, brother. My mother and I went thru this. She killed herself and I considered it. Eventually I found a church, where I got help from Jesus Christ, and years later I began to help others, thru the deliverance ministry myself.

      About 95% of the churches I speak in, people approach me with these problems, and I have the honour of casting demons out of them, or referring them to ministries in their area for help, because sadly, often their own church has no clue. Most churches today are nothing like the early church in the Book of Acts, yet they could be!!!

      So, do not give up. Nothing is impossible with God. Your sister in Jesus, Laura.


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