Laura’s Review of Jeff Harshbarger’s 1st book.

Laura’s review of Jeff Harshbarger’s 1st book, From Darkness To Light.

Jeffs first book expanded & updated.

Jeffs first book expanded & updated. Released March 2013

Years ago, I was delighted to read the 1st edition of this unique first book by Jeff Harshbarger, so imagine my surprise when he asked me to write a review for it’s 2nd edition. It’s expanded and updated and due to be released March 2013. I pray it will minister to both Christians & Occultists alike. Glory to God.

I wrote : “I highly recommend From Darkness to Light. As a former New Age spiritualist, I’ve regretfully noticed a lack of these unique books over the past sixteen years. There’s a desperate need to educate people with regard to the reality of warfare and spiritual realms. Sadly, these are topics that Christians often dismiss. In these days, more New Agers and occultists will find Jesus and join your church! Will you condemn or love them? Do you know how to help them? Jeff deals with such important issues in a Christ-like and sensitive way. He testifies of how Jesus Christ saved him from Satanism. He also provides an overview of the occult, including Wicca, Kabbalah, Shamanism, etc. He then shares his adviced on reaching their followers. This is essential reading for all Christians, not just youth pastors and parents. This book will make a great gift for any of your loved ones who are trapped in the New Age or occult. I believe it will provide invaluable help for thousands who are trying to escape the occult’s grasp. -Laura Maxwell, evangelist and founder of the ministry A Spiritual Quest.”

Jeff Harshbarger is a former Satanist. His attempts at suicide went astonishingly wrong, and his encounter with Jesus helped him get free from Satan’s shackles. This book exposes Satan’s schemes and shows the readers how to rescue someone they love from occult bondage.

Jeff is now considered to be one of the worlds’ leading experts on the occult. Thousands of people have sought his help for those they love. This informative and helpful book provides help and hope for those who are caught up in Wicca, Witchcraft, Vampirism, Satanism, and other realms of darkness.

Jeff Harshbarger, Author + Speaker.

Jeff Harshbarger, Author + Speaker.

The President of Cleansing Stream Ministries, Chris Hayward, writes, “Jeff Harshbarger tells the unvarnished truth about the occult. Through his personal story, you’ll understand why and how a person is easily drawn into the dark side. More imporantly, Jeff teaches you how to join with God to help break the strongholds that bind someone there. His no-nonsense approach explodes the myths of ghost stories and vampire movies. This is the real stuff. From Darkness to Light is a simple, comprehensive must-read for anyone who wants to rescue a loved one from the occult.”

Jeff with a copy of his 2nd book in a store in Florida.

Jeff with a copy of his 2nd book in a store in Florida.

Jeff is the founder of Refuge Ministries which has helped occultists come to Jesus Christ for over a decade. As a former satanist, he has authored ‘From Darkness to Light,’ (Bridge Logos) and ‘Dancing with the Devil,’ (Charisma House), in the attempt to equip the body of Jesus Christ to understand the occult and effectively minister to the occultist.

Holding copies of my own book A Spiritual Quest and also Jeff Harshbarger’s book, which myself & others contributed chapters to.

Holding copies of my own book A Spiritual Quest and also Jeff Harshbarger’s book, which myself & others contributed chapters to.

Jeff live on Revelation TV, Halloween 2012

Jeff live on Revelation TV, Halloween 2012

To order a copy of his book, ‘From Darkness to Light,’ please go to the Amazon link below:

Or to order his other book, ‘Dancing with the Devil,’ with chapters by Jeff, myself & others, please go to:

Jeff has been featured in ‘The Kingdom of the Occult’ by Walter Martin (Thomas Nelson) and ‘The Unexpected Journey’ by Thom Rainer (Zondervan). He has been seen on TV channels such as, TBN, Daystar network, 700 Club, The Miracle Channel, Revelation TV & various radio channels. His website is

Glory to God. Let’s praise the Lord for His goodness, mercy and love.


About Laura Maxwell

Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see
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1 Response to Laura’s Review of Jeff Harshbarger’s 1st book.

  1. Lorraine Dusseau says:

    I read Jeff’s First Edition book… have finished Laura’s Book as well….I can’t believe how many of the recommended books she listed that I have and have already read!!! I’ve seemed to read any Spiritual warfare thing I can get my hands on! I had a question..So many today consider themselves white witches(pagan) and don’t beleive in Satan or sin and don;t see themselves as in “occult.” They are incredibly hard to reach. I think they are an untapped source. Te independent kitchen witch- who does ritual baths and celebrates witch holidays alone- doesn’t join a coven. They don’t see themselves in these stories.. They believe in fairies (who are really tiny demons-if they could only see the real side! Any thought about hitting these guys? Teens experiment with Wicca and like Harry Potter and the Twilight Series- they all want to be vampires…and the adults all want goddess power- because -as I can figure- they’re mad at God. (My God wouldn’t….”) Catholic relatives can’t pull them out and explain Mary? You all have amazing work you are doing! I know witches have left who were sitting behind me in a service! Had an oppressed/possessed kid say You know who really is in here!” I wish I could get with some folks in Southern Maryland area and do some work.


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