Ex NASA Employee with Alien Contactees on Last Days Deception: Guest Laura Maxwell.

Ex NASA Employee and #Alien Contactees on Last Days Deception In Bible, They Flee At Jesus Name! With Laura Maxwell.

Ex New Ager, Laura Maxwell with Alien Contactees and Joseph Jordan, Ex NASA Employee, give evidence from experience and the Bible, that aliens are demons.

In these Last Days, they bring the greatest deception that will deceive the world. Many will accept their message when they teach ‘doctrines of demons’, namely that the Bible and Jesus Christ are false, and that they will save our planet, and their ‘god’ will arrive soon to bring world unity and peace, AKA the Antichrist.

After Christians vanish, they will teach it was not Jesus who raptured them, it was ‘aliens’ who removed them for being ‘intolerant’ etc. They have already been telling new agers, mediums and channellers this for decades!



In this part 2, we further discuss the deception of these demonic entities, Demon Possession/demonisation/demonic oppression and Christ’s Deliverance into freedom.

Laura Maxwell was honoured to be interviewed by Joseph Jordan and CE4 team. He has been a researcher and presenter in the phenomenon of alien abduction for over 27 Years and author of new book Piercing The Cosmic Veil, full of testimonies of former alien experiencers, contactees, channellers, victims of alien abuse and so on.

Joseph Jordan’s CE4 Alien Intruders Show

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