Abducted by Aliens – Freed by Jesus – Alan Brook’s Story!

Freedom from Alien Abduction. Many thanks to Alan Brooks for sending his story to me!



I grew up near NASA in Houston Texas. I have been an alien abductee all of my life until recently, when I stopped them.

When I was about 12, a large translucent craft, which looked like the aliens in the movie, “The Abyss” was flying very slowly about 500 feet over my head. I do not remember anything about that incident, other than I thought it was a NASA experimental craft at the time.


I also was very afraid of doctors when I was in those years. I mean, I was kicking, screaming, ANYTHING to stop that guy in the white coat from getting near me!
I was also very afraid of them, and so I would hide under layers of covers at night. I always loved aliens, UFO’s and SCI-fI movies etc, and was drawn to the stars, space and like-minded things on the telly.

When I was in my 30’s we lived in Camarillo Ca. My son says he remembers a large dark triangle craft which was again, around 500 ft over our car. Our son had a green laser beam of light follow him around all the time in our town of Thousand Oaks Ca, (where also Dr. Roger Lier lives, who takes alien implants out of his patients).


None of us have any memory of these encounters, and as I have learned since, the “aliens” have technologies to displace our memories and even brainwash us and re-program us so we will never remember any incidents.

So low flying crafts, being drastically afraid of doctors, dreaming of owls or aliens, losing memories—all of these I have found are very normal for those of us who have been abducted. Most people never stop them, but a few have. How?

alien 2

I have researched the alien phenomenon for 20 years. Many researchers have come to the conclusion that aliens are actually the offspring of angels and men. And as such they are evil forces of darkness who are perhaps engineering an existence hybrid research. Aliens exist and they are evil demons spoken of in Genesis 6. (Some of the Book of Enoch is interesting and the Dead sea scrolls).

They have even told abductees they are the Nephilim! They are the fallen angels that mated with human offspring, Genesis 6.

I found that many have stopped these abductions for ever by demanding in the name of Jesus that the aliens stop. Many good stories of people finding freedom from aliens are found on this website:

But I did use the name of Jesus, and yet, my son was still getting nose bleeds, we were STILL having pencil thin lasers shine through our UPSTAIRS bedroom, and yes : we were still being abducted!

I pleaded with God to help me. WHY GOD WHY? I had a dream :

I was on the roof trying to show my wife about aliens. Then I went down stairs and whistled for an alien to come back to the door, which even seemed like a church door in my dream. I shook the aliens hand. The alien walked away down the street.

Ok, STILL nothing happened as I misinterpreted the dream. I begged GOD for 6 MORE months as and we STILL HAD alien phenomena taking place, including an incident where the green beam “studied” er.. “Probed” my wife on the street in front of our house!

Then God gave me yet another dream: I was on the table, on the craft-you know the table where they probe and perform experiments on you. It was so real I could feel the probe. Perhaps it was a real abduction event! It felt like it! During this abduction, I was saying over and over : “I give permission to the authority under his guidance to let this happen.”

I finally realized what the Lord was trying to tell me, even with the first dream! He was trying to say that I had given them permission, perhaps even as a boy, for them to take me under my own free will.  I don’t mean just SUBCONSCIOUS agreements here. I mean I said something verbal like : ‘I give you specific permission’! God honors our agreements, the scriptures say. So does satan! So I’d opened that door wide.

*** Thus, until I cancelled my “permission slip,” in the name of Jesus, they had the right to take me, even though I was demanding in the name of Jesus for them to stop! ***

alien 1

In the first dream, I was shaking hands with an alien, which also signifies “agreement.” There was also, in the second dream, a military officer there, which may have been WHY I was fooled! I may have felt he gave this whole procedure an “official stamp” of approval.

I was what they call a MILAB! A “Military Abduction.” So God did answer my prayer, but it took time, and he did stop them, but there was a specific key for him to do so. I had to verbally stop the permission slip, so God could move.

I have since found that so many spiritual things are just like that-  we wonder why God is not healing us and the reason is that we have a blockage in the way, tying His hands, so to speak. And so we need to go on a quest to find said blockage, instead of crying about how God did not help us!

So many of us pray in Jesus name but never ask why. Usually, that’s a prayer God ALWAYS ANSWERS!

So God did show me why and they did stop, as “aliens” are demonic creatures who can mind control all of us, but are subject to the name of Jesus Christ, the name above all names, and the king above all kings!

*** Laura’s note : Alan had some prayer and spiritual warfare to do, specifically, to ask forgiveness for allowing them entry and then cancel it. Reminds me of when folk say they prayed The Lord’s Prayer, before they played a Ouija Board, etc. It’s being double minded and The Lord can’t protect us, if we do things He’s shown us not to. It’s our fault, not God’s, as we tied His hands so to speak. But praise God, when we ask for forgiveness, He rescues us! Such love and amazing grace!

Alan Brooks
Thousand Oaks Ca, USA.
Author of :
“Aliens UFO and the Ultimate Conspiracy
Connecting the Dots throughout History”

15:00 on Paypal (ebook only)

AlienResistanceOrgMany good stories of people finding freedom from aliens are found on this website :



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  3. monica says:

    Laura you always have the most fascinating guests. I look forward to your blog!


  4. Goldengirl says:

    This is a great testimony because it shows how we can give permission to demons subconsciously and forget we did. That’s why it’s important to ask the Holy Spirit to go with you back through your generational bloodlines to sever all past agreements set up by relatives that may be affecting you today.


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