Sister Religions – Judaism, Islam & Christianity? On Revelation TV.

sister religions TV

On Thursday 5th March at 10pm, London Time, a 30 minute extract from the 2 hour film, Sister Religions will be shown on Revelation TV.

Repeated on Saturday 14th at 5.30pm and Saturday 21st at 5.30pm, London Time.

You can watch it online at those times on

Click below for the TV schedule.

Click to access RTimes_march_Schedule.pdf

Revelation TV, Europe.

Revelation TV, Europe.

‘As a battle of ideologies rages across the Middle East, with Islamic State and others causing a dramatic increase in persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters, many people are asking the question : are Judaism, Christianity and Islam ‘Sister Religions’?

Do Muslims and Christians really worship the same God? Are Judaism, Christianity and Islam ‘Sister Religions’? A simple question or maybe not. Which do you choose to accept?

I agree these three faiths are not sister religions! I believe the advert is worded that way, giving a question, to pique folks’ interests to perhaps watch the program.

sister religions

In the midst of continuing conflict in the Middle East, a new resource, featuring groundbreaking interviews with Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, Rev’d Dr Mark Durie and Elizabeth Kendal, explores the relationship between Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

In this groundbreaking series of interviews, three religious experts reveal the truth. How should Christians respond to the challenge of Islam? What can be learned from both history and current events? The answers will surprise you.’

Here is a 90 second trailer.

Gillan Scott, founder of ‘God And Politics UK’ and blogger at Archbishop Cranmer says:

“One of the greatest barriers to effective religious engagement is ignorance and lack of knowledge. These videos go a long way to helping Christians effectively understand the relationship between the world’s two biggest religions. They are both informative and timely.”

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern says:

Sister Religions DVD

Sister Religions DVD

“Sister Religions…It’s a must-see.”

The two hour DVD Sister Religions is also available to order for £9.99 from

More on Islam.


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2 Responses to Sister Religions – Judaism, Islam & Christianity? On Revelation TV.

  1. leon_the_14 says:

    Modern day ‘judaism’ is in no way a sister religion to Christianity, especially Askhenazi judaism.
    Askhenazi judaism has at least a 50% atheism rate, synagogues welcome atheists into the synagogue to remain atheists. The remainder practice a pantheist type belief, how we perceive the God of Abraham and how they perceive him are definitely 2 very different perceptions.

    Are there Judaists who still subscribe to the ancient faith? Yes, but they are very few.
    Christianity has the same problem with ‘xtian zionism’ with the Hagee acolytes who believe their utmost priority is to bless and praise jews instead of Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth.

    Islam has the same problem in this regard where Allah is being redefined and with that the interpretations of the Koran are as well. The ‘Allah’ that is followed by Islamic State is more along the lines of Moloch and the trail of victims confirms this. In addition note the defacto allies of IS, most notably western atheists and the zionist (atheist) state of ‘Israel’.


    • Hi Leon, I agree these three faiths are not sister religions, it’s worded that way, giving a question, to pique folks’ interests to perhaps watch the program. Thanx so much for your comments!


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