laments coming Cashless Society -Plz sign Petition!

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I saw this article on  and have copied it below.

Whatever our personal political or economic ideas are, a Cashless Society is a Sign of End Times!

OK, not exactly the Mark of The Beast or a One World Economy quite yet. But one of the precursors to it? Perhaps.

If you care, please share this post. Please, also sign the petition that have organised. See link below.


Hands off our cash
13,928 people who have already signed our petition to prevent the Government from abolishing cash

November 2015

How would you respond if the authorities here in Britain abolished cash from use in the UK economy?

Would you be angry? Upset? Concerned about your savings?

If so – you’re not alone.

In fact, after a recent speech by the Bank of England’s chief economist Andrew Haldane, in which he explained why he’d like to abolish cash entirely in this country… thousands of people have been writing in to us to express their dismay at his plans.

So we’ve decided to take action.

Let me explain…

Haldane’s word carries a lot of weight with the authorities. And last month he let the cat out of the bag: he’s coming for your cash!

Haldane gave a speech a couple of weeks ago where he explained that central banks have a problem. He calls it the ‘zero lower bound’, or ZLB. In simple terms, the ZLB is the lowest point central banks can push interest rates to without people pulling their money out of the bank and stuffing it in their mattress.

Think of it as the point where people say: “enough”.

This is a problem for people like Haldane. He sees the ZLB as a constraint on policy – it stops the Bank of England pushing interest rates into negative territory.

He thinks that would be a good idea. I mean it sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it? The bank can then incentivise (read: force) people to go out and spend their money instead of saving it for the future. All that spending helps the economy grow. The bank’s genius economists save the day!

The problem is, he sees the ZLB as an obstacle to his grand plans.

From Haldane’s speech (emphasis mine):

A more radical proposal still would be to remove the ZLB constraint entirely by abolishing paper currency.

As well as solving the ZLB problem, it has the added advantage of taxing illicit activities undertaken using paper currency, such as drug-dealing, at source.

A third option is to set an explicit exchange rate between paper currency and electronic (or bank) money. Having paper currency steadily depreciate relative to digital money effectively generates a negative interest rate on currency, provided electronic money is accepted by the public as the unit of account rather than currency.

All of these options could, in principle, solve the ZLB problem. In practice, each of them faces a significant behavioural constraint. Government-backed currency is a social convention, certainly as the unit of account and to lesser extent as a medium of exchange. These social conventions are not easily shifted, whether by taxing, switching or abolishing them.

One interesting solution, then, would be to maintain the principle of a government-backed currency,but have it issued in an electronic rather than paper form. This would preserve the social convention of a state-issued unit of account and medium of exchange, albeit with currency now held in digital rather than physical wallets.

But it would allow negative interest rates to be levied on currency easily and speedily, so relaxing the ZLB constraint.

Note that he never uses the word cash. Instead it’s just ‘paper currency’.

What all this comes down to is the fact that the great and good of the financial world believe they know how to control and perfect the economy. Like doctors treating a sick patient, they know what the economy ‘needs’ to get better. And what the economy needs is negative interest rates.

The upshot: They are coming for your cash.

What can you do to stop them?

Well, that’s where we come in. We recently launched a campaign to challenge the authorities on this. We’re fighting back. And we need your help.

More than 13,000 people have already signed our petition. Hundreds of them have shared it on Twitter, Facebook and online.

If you’re concerned about this issue and you want your voice to be heard – I’d urge you to join us.

Please sign our petition : 

Some comments from Capital and Conflict readers who have already signed our petition…
“I signed the petition because without cash the state will have absolute control of my wealth and could take away money as happened in cyprus.” 
“The reason I signed and have passed it on to several people, is that I have struggled all my life, when I inherited a bit on the death of my parents, the manipulated markets and lack of interest rates demolished a lot of the benefit.  I am angry enough to sign and get others to do the same,  Theft is theft.” 
“My motivation for signing up to your campaign is simple. The talked about cashless state would mean not having physical money. In turn this would mean I would not be able to withdraw my money from the banking system. Therefore if negative rates are introduced I would have limited ways of exiting a situation where my money is free falling and my balances reducing. Am I right.?” 
“…after the 2008 crash I started taking more of an interest in the economy. I’ve discovered the government is only interested in maintaining the monetary system, probably on behalf of the supper rich. This is another example of continued mismanagement of PUBLIC MONEY!” 

“I am fed up with politicians abrogating their responsibilities and allowing unelected incompetent and often conniving central bankers and their friends run things to suit themselves.” 

You can help fight back by signing our petition here.


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1 Response to laments coming Cashless Society -Plz sign Petition!

  1. Money is measured 3 ways – credit, debit, and moneys worth.
    No economist can tell you what money is or where it comes from.
    Buying and selling will occur on a commercial level in 2 ways, the 1st being through RFID chips and the 2nd being through bitcoin transfer through Iphones. The only way such ‘money’ can be measured is through transaction records and all they will do is record electronic tranfers.
    The money has never existed, throw in that interest and fees being charged on top of this supposed money.
    The true indicator of a nations economy is the black market, where its cash only

    This aint going to end well, power is the real world currency


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