Jake of Seek4Truth – Kansas, interviews Laura.

Seek4Truth, in Kansas will interview me, tomorrow at 2pm CST. That’s 8pm London time.

The host is Jake Ruchotzke. He produces shows to reach New Agers & Truth Seekers. Please pray for us and New Agers or ‘Truth Seekers’, that they will listen in and hear the Gospel Truth about Jesus Christ. God bless you!

You can hear the 1 hour archive anytime after the show, on the below link. It may take a day or two to process on YouTube, before it appears though.

Thank you for your patience!

Click below for the link : http://seek4truth.tumblr.com/post/118668919147/this-wednesday-on-seek4truth-i-am-very-excited-to


About Laura Maxwell

Speaker-Author-Radio Host (Ex New Age Spiritualist). Laura educates people on the dangers of the New Age, Occult, New World Order, etc. She is the founder of ministry A Spiritual Quest. See her TV shows, blog, articles, etc, on http://OurSpiritualQuest.com
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