Archaeological Discovery of Sulfur at Sodom and Gomorrah, Biblical Sites.

Archaeological Discovery.

The entire site is covered in the purest form of elemental sulfur found anywhere on the planet outside of a laboratory! This is one of the Sodom and Gomorrah cities that the bible tells us were destroyed by sulfur from the sky.

A viewer of this film on YouTube commented below it stating:

‘After many years being athiest, observing the universe and studying science of astrophysics. I found out that, with respect to the immense space (universe) and science of statistics, this universe is impossible to be Godless. Now here is the bible showing itself as the word and record of truth. Man, i am an eternal believer of a God ever since i have finished my own pursuit of a God but this bible made my belief more than 100 percent eternal. My search is over. I’m at peace knowing God.’


Mainstream Media Analyst. Former TV Presenter David Bass takes a critical look at today’s TV propaganda and how it ties in with the belief system of the ancient pagan mystery schools.

“What R$E is doing is something called contextualization, like Wycliffe does. He is making the Gospel understandable to to the philosophical equivalent of a tribe in the Amazon.”

Also on PATREON:



This video is fascinating but mainstream media rarely shows such biblical evidence of course!!!


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