The Pope’s Revolution by Panorama, on BBC1 TV.


Having watched these documentary programs on TV recently, I decided to upload them to my channel on YouTube. (Please see below). You might find them interesting.

The Pope’s Revolution was first televised on the news program ‘Panorama’ on BBC1, 2nd April 2014. ‘Jane Corbin examines Pope Francis’ shake-up of the Catholic Church.’

Understandably, due to copyright issues, YouTube blocked my upload of this video. However, you can also watch the below documentary on I-Player

Please see the second program below. It’s been uploaded in four parts.

Secrets of The Vatican, was first televised by CH4, on Tues 25th March 2014 at 11pm. This was Series 1, Episode 1. Please watch the coming episodes on the below link!

Understandably, due to copyright issues, YouTube blocked my upload of this video. However, you can also watch the below documentary on this link to CH4.

On C4’s website, the episode information stated :


“Crime, corruption and cover-up: this is the epic story of the collapse of the Benedict papacy. Can Pope Francis defeat the forces that overwhelmed his predecessor?

In March 2013, Pope Francis inherited a Church shocked by the resignation of his predecessor Benedict: the first resignation of a Pope in 600 years.

Secrets of the Vatican tells the epic story of the collapse of the Benedict papacy and illuminates the extraordinary challenges facing Pope Francis as he tries to root out corruption and chart a new course for the troubled Catholic Church and its 1.2 billion followers.

It tells a story of crime, corruption and cover-up at the heart of the Catholic Church, with political intrigue, allegations of financial corruption and sexual hypocrisy laid bare through first-hand testimony from those who were close to the scandals, or who are helping Pope Francis reform the Church.


The Church was already mired in the child sex abuse scandal when Benedict became Pope; a scandal that would dominate his papacy.

More scandal was to come from other quarters, involving allegations of money-laundering through the Vatican bank, and corruption inside Vatican departments.

As the aging Pope’s health deteriorated he was hit by a string of damaging news stories, including the release of undercover footage of gay sex parties in Rome attended by priests.

The final straw came when his butler leaked thousands of private documents to the press, exposing the inner workings of the Church and revealing power struggles within the Vatican itself.

In his first year as Pope, Francis dramatically changed the message coming from Rome. But can he defeat the forces that overwhelmed his predecessor?”

In the coming weeks, you can watch the next episodes on this link to CH4.




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2 Responses to The Pope’s Revolution by Panorama, on BBC1 TV.

  1. Thanks for commenting. Did you watch the BBC and CH4 programs above? They didn’t really paint the new Pope in a good light, personally I didn’t feel it was propaganda for him. It seemed to me, they presented the facts and left us to think for ourselves. Which is good, coz I’ve noticed most Christians seem to just go along with whatever their Pastor tells them about the Pope! You’ve done some research on the Jesuits? That’s very interesting. Most Christians don’t seem to be too aware of the roots of all that! God bless you.


  2. spookchristian says:

    BBC Propaganda.


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