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Psychic Gifts


Psychic Gifts-by a Minister who helped many break free.

Attached a few FREE sample chapters from Paganism and the Occult by my friend Rev. Kevin Logan. Kevin was a guest speaker on shows with Doug Harris on Revelation TV. The book can be ordered from www.reachouttrust.org at £4.99 (UK Price).

Harry Potter, mediums, ouija boards, witches, psychic shows, horoscopes, tarot cards, chaos magic, satanism, the paranormal…

… What are we to make of the upsurge in pagan beliefs and occult rituals? Are they all basically the same, or are some good and others bad? And are there mysterious powers which modern science has failed to classify which can be used for either good or evil? And then there’s Potter mania. Is our Harry saint or satanic?

Kevin Logan was a Vicar in Lancashire for 33 years before retirement, and has helped many break free from occult practices. He calls on other Christians to reach out to those who are disillusioned with the unsatisfying rewards of paganism and the destructive influence of the occult.

Acknowledged expert on the occult and paranormal phenomena John Allan writes : “Kevin Logan’s insistence that Christians can minister to witches and others involved in the occult is much needed if we are to make any impact upon this growing group.”

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