♫ Laura’s radio guest – World Expert on Aliens – Joseph G. Jordan-Part 4.

Demons masquerading as Pleiadians - star travellers.

Demons masquerading as Pleiadians – star travelers.

AMAZING EVIDENCE FOR ALIEN AND HYBRID DECEPTION. Part Four with my guest Joseph G. Jordan this weekend. Repeats air all through next week! (Show details below).

Joseph worked at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Not a pseudo-scholar, Joseph has conducted proper expert research on UFO’s, aliens, accounts of ‘alien’ contactees and apparent alien ‘abductions’ since 1992. He is still a qualified field scientific investigator for MUFON.

Joseph Jordan Grey Mantis CE4 Research

Joseph, is the President of CE4 Research Group, Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, Co-Founder of Alien Resistance with Guy Malone of Roswell, and friend of L.A’ Marzulli.

Like Joseph and myself, you probably have beloved friends who believe popular theories of hybrids, Nephilim, etc. Joe himself once firmly believed it all too, until research showed him otherwise.

Personally, I do believe ‘aliens’ are demons. But I’ve always been in two minds about hybrids, Nephilim, etc, sitting on the fence. That’s why I haven’t covered this topic before. I didn’t want to spread confusion by my own indecision. Since talking with Joseph, my ideas on it have now swung more in favour of his argument, although I’m still not entirely sure. Joseph and I will be re-looking at bible passages that seem to back his argument.

I do hope my beloved friends won’t take this as a personal insult, as it’s certainly not intended that way. We can agree to disagree on this topic and yet continue to work closely together in sharing the truth about Jesus. Ultimately, that’s our main goal after all.

Perhaps in the future I can invite a Christian scholar who holds the opposite view from Joseph, so we  can look at both opinions.


In this show, I open by sharing a very powerful dream I had recently that really moved me.

Joseph shares more about Disclosure.

He also shares inside information about the Roswell Area 51 hoax of New Mexico, from his own field research and conversations with original researchers there years ago.

Plus, what he feels was really meant by comments about ‘little green men’ and ‘hybrid armies,’ reported by Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defence, Canada and General Mark Milley, a US Army Chief of Staff.

We then looked at the purported physical evidence and DNA claims, eg, of hybrids. I referred to some strange experiences I knew of when in the occult, where physical entities or objects appeared.

We looked at bible passages on the Nephilim and giants.

Again, we ran out of time. For the next show, we hope to look at Genetics and the limits of producing true hybrids, eg : you can produce tomatoes with a fish gene so it becomes cold resistant, but it’s still a tomatoe, not a tomatoe-fish hybrid! Chimp or pig genes can be used for human organs, but that doesn’t produce a true hybrid. Joseph explains why such genetic experiments can’t go that far.

We also hope to look at the book of Genesis – the record of creation and other bible accounts to see if alien life or hybrids were even mentioned anywhere in the bible.

Joseph Jordan and a Grey Mantis!

Joseph Jordan and a Grey Mantis!

Joseph has so much evidence to share, this will be an amazing series of interviews! (Show Details Below).

Deceptive Pleiadian Mission

Deceptive Pleiadian Mission


Please also hear my interviews with Eddie Bennett, former alien contactee and Alan Brooks,, former alien abductee.

To read Ron Patton’s excellent article on aliens please see link.

Joseph Jordan CE4 Research

Joseph Jordan CE4 Research




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