Laura Maxwell Interviews – World Expert on Aliens – Joseph G. Jordan, Part One.

RED FLAGS AND ALIEN COVER UP! Top researchers worldwide have shared secret evidence dating back to the 1950’s off the record with my guest Joseph G. Jordan!

They aren’t prepared to release this data. Why? Perhaps for fear of ridicule or losing their job? But Joseph’s life mission is to disclose this critical information.

Joseph has so much evidence to share, this will be just part one of our interview!

Joseph worked at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Not a pseudo-scholar, Joseph has conducted proper expert research on UFO’s, aliens, accounts of alien contactees and alien abductions since 1992. He is still a qualified field scientific investigator for MUFON.

Joseph Jordan Grey Mantis CE4 Research

Joseph, President of CE4 Research Group, Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind. And Co-Founder of Alien Resistance with Guy Malone of Roswell, shares amazing findings of his lifelong research on my show this Friday. Repeats air on Saturday and all through next week! (Details below).

WEBSITE: CE4 Research Group site Ran by Joseph Jordan, and Co-Founder of Alien Resistance Guy Malone.


CE4 Research

Hear his journey into the pseudo-religion of New Age, his quest for enlightenment and his fascination with metaphysics, UFO’s and aliens, his experiences with meditation, out of body experiences, divination, crystals, etc.

Joseph Jordan and a Grey Mantis!

Joseph Jordan and a Grey Mantis!

A former agnostic humanist, hear how in 1996, his revelation of a Grey Mantis shocked him to the core, as he watched it morph into a hideous being!

Hear how so called alien races since the 1950’s, claimed to be from the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, etc, but were later proven to have lied or changed their story!

Hear common themes most alien races teach. They either created us or are our ancestors or a breakaway hybrid civilization, etc. That the leader of their particular race was sacrificed, rose again and shall return to bring peace and save the world. Interestingly, the Zeitgeist Movement made similar claims, that Jesus just copied previous gods but of course Zeitgeist was  debunked. See link

So many of these alien races claim their leader is the saviour, but only one can be! So statistically, most or all of them have to be lying! Will the real alien saviour please stand up? Conversely, some alien races teach that we don’t need an alien saviour, all we need is for all peoples of the earth to come together in love and unity!

Such contradictory claims by ‘aliens’ highlights that they can’t be trusted, that they are often caught lying or changing their teaching! Just as demons often do!

Add to that, more evidence. Scientists know, such beings are banished at the name of Jesus Christ but do not document this fact in their research findings!

WEBSITE: CE4 Research Group site Ran by Joseph Jordan, and Co-Founder of Alien Resistance Guy Malone.


CE4 Research


As an Ex New Ager, I share my insights on various types of aliens, or beings claiming to be Star Gods, Pleiadians, Intergalactic Federation of Light, The Nommo who appeared to the Dogon tribe, etc. Namely, the repeated theme, that these beings have fled at the Name of Jesus!

I also refer to my interviews with Eddie Bennett, former alien contactee and Alan Brooks,, former alien abductee.

To read Ron Patton’s excellent article on aliens please see link.

Joseph has so much evidence to share, this will be just part one of our interview!

Joseph Jordan CE4 Research

Joseph Jordan CE4 Research




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Eternal Radio


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